Prim Gets Pretty For Norwich Fashion Week

It’s pretty ace to think that since 2010 Norwich Fashion Week has been blasting out a heap of fun every year, growing bigger and better each time, and, that my shop Prim Vintage Fashion has been involved since the very beginning as part of the gob-smackingly gorgeous Vintage Show. Pink. That’s my favourite colour and it’s the signature hue of Prim so it was nothing less than excellent that the set for this years show was pink and sparkly. Boom. I showcased 8 vintage dresses from my store and, oh, a few of them were pink. I was in the pink. Big time. The models were lush, the 70’s music was perfection and the entire event stood out as the most fun and frolicsome of the entire week; well, to me anyways. The Vintage Show always has a very cool tone, a playful vibe, and it was so blummin’ well put together by the NFW team and in particular the marvellous Karen; thanks Doll, you did real good. I was happy as always to be part of this wonderful week; proper fun.








Beautiful photographs by Andi Sapey

The Vintage Show at Norwich Fashion Week

This city I live in is pretty neat. It has heaps of home grown talent in the field of fashion, and to totally indulge and celebrate that fact, there is this kinda pretty cool thing; Norwich Fashion Week! A brilliant week of events, parties, exhibitions and, natch, catwalk shows taking place in the city so everyone who enjoys fashion can come together to do some real big SWOONING. Norwich is abundant with skilled fashion designers, makers, tailors, photographers, stylists, retailers and hair and make up artists, so, there’s a huge pool of talent that teams up to create something really damn good. This year I was involved in a few projects; I, of course showcased some ridiculously pretty vintage dresses from my store in The Vintage Show, I presented a video for Wex Photographic, and, in a more personal project, I teamed up with my good friend Karen to curate a cute and quirky exhibition. ‘A Portrait Of Vintage’ is an adorable gallery installation of vintage dresses and accessories, and we’re pretty pleased with how it came out and the reaction it’s received, hurrah! There’s heaps going on for Norwich Fashion Week and this year it is mostly taking place at the superb and very huge venue of Open; a brilliant destination. Sunday was all about The Vintage Show; prep and rehearsal in the day and then a boomingly impressive show in the evening. I think it was way bigger and better than last year; the space, the layout, the stadium-worthy screen with a live feed and, a whopping loud 70’s soundtrack as the models walked. Ace. In the daytime I worked with Wex Photographic to talk about the show in a cute video, but also to chat on camera with Fashion Photographer Paul Bayfield who was there with 6 lucky Wex competition winners who got to hang with him for the day and learn the ropes of catwalk snapping! A whole heap of fun! Here’s my dresses on the catwalk, super cute right? All available in my online store, but obvs, with vintage, you gotta be fast otherwise somebody else might grab the dress you love, waaah!

Superb show, big thumbs up to all involved.

Brilliant images by kind permission of Paul Bayfield.



That Couture Is So Darn Haute

Oh my. Sigh. So. Much. Pretty. The Haute Couture shows have just wrapped in Paris and, goodness me, did they DAZZLE!! As a gal who adores and sells dresses, I love couture shows as they are pretty much ALL about dresses! Statement, amazing, spec-bloomin-tacular, dresses! I spent some time swooning through the images of the shows and, not surprisingly, my regular favourites came up as the ones which made my heart beat the fastest, jeeez, these guys really know how to create beauty! Here’s my favourite dresses from my three top designers…

Giambattista Valli

Those who read my blog regularly will be familiar with the fact that this man’s stuff makes my knees wobble. I mean, seriously. He designs this perfect blend of cuteness and femininity and adds a big ole’ spoonful of quirkiness. I adore that it looks almost like he starts with a really classic structure and then throws a load of unexpectedness at it to give it a harder edge, he overloads and exaggerates ideas. And, the frothy gowns in the last two images…. TOTES my dream wedding dresses!ABCDE

Zuhair Murad

I reeeeally like this guys stuff. I first fell in love with his designs after seeing them on Kristen Stewart, they had just the right dose of femininity mixed with sass for her. I adore the delicacy and the colours here, stunning structures too. I do like a dress that makes you gasp in awe, and he always manages that. I really like the styling of the hard metal belts with the softness of the dresses too.


Ralph and Russo

Ok, so these two talented people have had my heart for a while, but this season they REALLY floored me. This, is fashion perfection. The first British design house to be asked to show in Paris Haute Couture shows for over a century, it’s obvious their skills are pretty special. The set, the theme of an Ethereal Garden, the pastel paradise; everything was as good as it gets. They had a brilliant arrangement of textures and fabrics, and the details and silhouettes; I can hardly bear the brilliance. This dreamy pastel, sequin and feather fantasia had echoes of the styling in the TV show Scream Queens, so we just know that this look is gonna be ALL over the high streets. I have barely ever seen a collection as beautiful as this. Literally stunning.KLMNO

Prim Is Back In Town!

nfwWhoop! For you lucky, lovely people of Norwich, it’s that time again, time for fashion frolics all week long, it’s NORWICH FASHION WEEK! Hurrah, and this time, Prim is back on the scene! Since closing the shop and going online, we miss your pretty faces and so we’re very happy to be a part of The Vintage Show on Sunday 8th March at The Puppet Theatre! Tickets sell FAST for this wonderful show, so book yours now otherwise you may miss out and, then we shall all have sad faces! The event is always a really popular night and so much so that this year they have gone ALL OUT and are giving you TWO shows to make sure you get to see it; one at 2pm and one at 7.30pm, and, tickets are just £10, ooosh, what a heap of fun you get for a tenner! This beautiful event is brilliantly sponsored by Wex Photographic, who ran a very cool Facebook competition for fashion fans to win a photography workshop with photographer Paul Bayfield; and those lucky winners will be at the catwalk side snapping away! Sponsorship doesn’t get much cooler than that!

So, this week I shall be selecting what gorgeous dresses to showcase in the fashion show, with my list of all the very stunning gals who will be modelling! It’s always fun to choose a selection, deciding how all the dresses will sit together as a group whilst also trying to show off as many different styles, textures and prints as possible! Here’s some snapshot sneak peeks as I prepare for the show, will these dresses be included in my selection? The only way to find out is to COME ALONG and see us, we’re excited to see you!

Check out our Facebook page for your chance to WIN TWO TICKETS to the evening show! See you there!