Hittin’ Me Straight In The Heart

Well, would you believe it? Sometimes things are just perfectly timed and, as that big ole’ heart shaped 24 hours called Valentine’s Day is nearing, well, I just happened to fall SLAP BANG IN LOVE! Whooosh, totally floored with affection, can’t suppress the butterflies in my belly, can’t take my damn eyes off the beauty of it, the cutest thing I ever saw; BANDO!

Flitting around on Instagram as I do, my big ole eyes came across @shopbando and my heart went boom! Bando is a super cute LA based brand selling gifts, stationery and fashion accessories, and it is awesome, totally flippin’ awesome. Set up by a group of girls, they say they are ‘Serious about Fun’ and oh my, their ideas and style are pure brilliance, absolutely up my street. With pops of confetti colours, neon brights, bold graphics, mirror balls, disco glitter and kittens and hearts as regular themes…well, it’s no wonder I’m so head over heels!

I was sure enough jumping for joy when I saw that they now have a concession in Selfridges so that us Brits can get up close and all touchy with their stuff on these shores, HURRAH! I will be spending many glorious moments canoodling with their ace website where you can shop online, and you’ll regularly find me with heart shaped eyes gazing into their Instagram feed which you can see images from below.

Mmmmm….. such pretty things.

Bando on InstagramVisit Bando here and follow them on Instagram too!


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