Wedding Mistakes You Won’t Want To Make

Most couples spend at least the best part of a year planning their weddings, but almost everyone will forget something kinda critical during that process. If you want the bestest day possible, it’s pretty vital that you make lists to ensure you cover all the bases. There are still some issues that could present problems if you miss ’em in your planning. With that in mind, take a look at some of the wedding mistakes you really won’t wanna make, if you take the time to read about them now, the chances of you overlooking these issues should be lessened so you can have the most perfect day possible! 

Not trying the dress on a week before the event – Ladies who plan to get married will often spend a long time choosing their wedding dress, obvs. The issue is that brides-to-be have to wait for adjustments, and that can sometimes take weeks according to Who What Wear and other blogs. So, between selecting the dress and getting hold of the finished product, a couple of months could pass. During that time, it’s easy for anyone to gain a few pounds and increase the size of their waistline, it’s human and totally fine obviously, if the dress was tight initially, that could pose a problem on the big day, so ya gotta make sure you try the dress on one last time around a week before you get hitched in it.

Not ensuring the wedding band matches the engagement ring – Often, the groom-to-be will buy the engagement ring to pop the question. Most ladies like to keep that jewellery item on their finger and add the wedding band during their ceremony. But, as experts who design Jaubalet Paris engagement rings and those available from other brands claim, sometimes you have to think pretty hard about the design. Will your choice of wedding band match the engagement ring already on your finger? That’s something you need to determine before spending your very hard-earned cash. If you don’t, it could become one of the biggest wedding mistakes you make! Gah!

Not arranging enough food for all the guests – It’s often kinda tricky to work about exactly how many guests will attend your wedding. Which means you should always arrange more food than you think your group will require….and hey, people can take any leftovers home for their doggies, and it’s much better than running out of things to eat. You have lots of options on the table when it comes to catering, so it’s worth conducting a lot of research. Some of the most popular solutions include; Sit-down Meals, Buffet Spreads, Street Food Vans…

If you make it through the planning stage of your wedding without making those mistakes, you stand a real decent chance of properly enjoying your big day. Just remember that something is sure to go wrong at some point, but ya just gotta shake it off and prevent it from ruining your memories. If you cover all the basics, anything you overlook shouldn’t cause too much upset. Enjoy!

The Fashion Accessories A Man Should Have

Us girls know that a well-placed accessory or two can make all the difference between looking good and looking great. Unfortunately, our menfolk, rarely have the same kind of knowledge, nor do they have the inclination to spend their money on what they see as unnecessary fashion accessories. However, with Christmas coming up, now is the perfect time for us to help them out and furnish them with one or two of the fashion accessories every many should have….

A Great Wallet – Does the man in your life have a wallet that you’re embarrassed for him to get out in public? Is it old, worn and falling apart at the seams? If so, now might be the perfect time to do something about it by getting him an attractive, durable designer wallet, like those created by Herschel. Then, when it’s his time to pay for a round, you won’t have to worry about him looking like a hobo, or losing his money as those flimsy seams finally give up the ghost. What’s more, it’s the kind of accessory that he’ll readily accept, too.

A Sophisticated Watch – The watch is another fashion accessory that most men won’t really object to, which makes something like a victorinox watch the perfect gift if you want to give your guy something special and help him to improve his fashion sense in one fell swoop. Just take the time to choose a piece that matches his current style as closely as you can if you want it to be a big hit and be worn regularly.

A Man Bag – In the 21st Century, every man should have his own bag in which he can carry everything he might need for the day, from his wallet to his laptop. However, some men seem reluctant to use any bag that isn’t a rucksack or a suitcase, so it might take some convincing on your part, but if you can find him something that looks really good, like an expertly made satchel, he’ll soon see the benefits, both in the style stakes and for his own convenience. Soon, you’ll never see him without it!

A Leather Belt – A good belt is an essential part of every man’s wardrobe, no matter what time of year it might be, because not only do they serve a very real function, but they instantly make even the most casual of outfits look that bit smarter too. Naturally, leather belts are the best choice, and those made from fine Italian leather are even better, so try to choose something that fits the bill!

Sunglasses – There’s something about a good pair of Ray-Bans that just makes a man look sexier and somehow more manly. Obviously, they’re pretty essential for sunny days too. So, if you want your guy to look more like a movie star than he already does, invest in a good pair of aviators, and leave them under the tree for him on Christmas morning, I’m sure you’ll both be delighted by the results when he puts them on!

The clothes make the man, but the accessories make him even better!

Fall in Love with Autumn Fashion

As summer starts to draw to a close and the days become gradually cooler and shorter, it means that autumn is just around the corner. This season is one of transition as the green starts to fade from the trees and be replaced by a variety of vibrant reds, oranges and yellows. And this is also a period of transition for your wardrobe too. You want to start wrapping up a little warmer without completely retreating into your winter coat and heavy accessories. Though autumn fashion tends not to be as clearly defined as winter or summer, there is still a lot that you can do to get ready for the new season. So, here’s a few fashion trends you may wanna adopt in the coming months.

Don’t Shelve All Your Summer Accessories – Just because the summer is coming to an end, *sad face*, it doesn’t mean that you have to shelve all your accessories. Sunglasses are often practical at this time of year, and they also have a certain appeal when worn with more layered clothing. If you have a neutral beach bag, you can carry this around as your everyday carryall. A beige or paler colour goes nicely with a darker dress. And you should also consider stretching out sandal season for just a little while longer. Many pairs of trousers and longer skirts look ace when paired with sandals.

Add Tights to Summer Dresses – You will undoubtedly have a wide array of dresses that you have been wearing throughout the summer, especially vintage ones, obviously they are DA BEST! It’s simple enough to keep wearing them with some darker tights underneath. This way, you can still enjoy the bright summery dresses while keeping your legs warm and covered up. For a wide array of dress options, check out While many women will be retreating into darker colours, you’ll stand out from the crowd by staying bright and bold.

Watch Out for Over-layering – There is no doubt that layering is a great strategy when it comes to extending the shelf life of your favourite summertime clothing. But you don’t want to overdo this, otherwise you could be at risk of spoiling the whole effect. So, a good rule of thumb to follow is to make sure that you have three levels of layering at the most. Any more and it could look like your outfit is swallowing you whole!

Choose Accessories Well – Even though the autumn is a wonderful time to start experimenting with accessories, that doesn’t mean that you should bring them all out at once! Just some of your staple autumn accessories could include some lightweight scarves, a knitted hat and a big statement belt or bag. But don’t bring them out all in one go or this could look overloaded.

Try Out This Casual Combination – If you’re looking for a stable outfit to carry you through the season, then look no further than skinny jeans, a white top and a khaki jacket. Starting off with this as a base outfit, you can then accessorize it as you choose. Try out various belt and bag colours to start off with, and then experiment with different jewellery and scarf combinations.

Make Sure Last Year’s Outfits Still Fit – It is a great feeling to dig out some of your favourite outfits from last season. However, you should make sure that they actually still fit before planning to wear them again, we do all fluctuate through life and the seasons, so have a try-on session to see what’s gonna be staying in your wardrobe this autumn! It is not the same as winter when you are wearing bigger and baggier clothing at it doesn’t really matter all that much!

Wear Some Colours that Match the Season – The season’s signature shades are generally warming colours, and you can offset them nicely against paler hues. For example, a mustard yellow skirt works nicely when paired with a white top. Alternatively, instead of a skirt, you could go for some tailored trousers.

Don’t be Afraid to Keep Something Bare – Just because the weather is starting to get a little chillier, it doesn’t mean you can’t keep some skin exposed too. So, you could go for some longer sleeves while wearing a shorter skirt at the same time. After all, the gentle autumn breeze on your legs feels lush!

With autumn juuuust around the corner, these are just a few ways in which you can prepare yourself for the new season!


NyLon – Nights Out On Both Sides Of The Atlantic

The idea of a jet-setting lifestyle may be completely out of reach for most of us, but that isn’t to say that you can’t plan ahead and make a superbly ace night out on both sides of the Atlantic! Raid that wardrobe, pack your bags, and see what’s cool to do in New York and London on a Saturday night!

Bembe. Brooklyn, New York – Underneath the Williamsburg Bridge is a little hideaway that’s pulsating with Latin beats and candle lit dancers swaying away to sexy sounds. For those that may find it a touch too hot, have a chill at the bar and get some tequila shots down you. The locals swear by dipping their lime in sugar AND coffee! Strange, but somehow it kinda really works! Try it and see if that’s not how you’ll have your tequila from now on!

Raffles. Chelsea, London – It’s a members club and membership is only by invitation, but you can get yourself on the guest list and get yourself a Raffles table booking. The intimate surroundings combined with the VIP service will make you feel a feel preeeetty spesh, and, there’s an abundance of cocktails to choose from, yummies! And there are usually a few celebs to keep an eye out for, having been featured heavily in Made In Chelsea, or if music’s more your thing, The Rolling Stones have been caught partying there too! So if you have the stamina to go until the club closes at 6 in the morning, get yerself down there!

House Of Yes. Brooklyn, New York – This spot opened in 2016 and has quickly become a way for party goers to wear insane costumes and go all out on the weekend! They hold parties like the exhibitionist “House of Love” as well as the immersive “Little Cinema” film tribute nights. Let’s not forget the aerialists, dancers, and magicians that are flying all around you! As an experience like no other, House of Yes is not just a place to go and have drinks, but it’s a place that will have you yelling “yes” in wonderment at every turn.

The Electric Ballroom. Camden, London – At the heart of the hippest part of London, The Electric Ballroom hosts every music night you can think of, but the highlight has got to be the Ultimate Power club night. It’s 80’s anthems, all night! If you think that the best way to enjoy a night is to yell along to Bon Jovi’s “Living On A Prayer” and playing inflatable guitars, this is gonna to be one of your best nights out eveeeer! A lot of people think the 80’s went out of fashion quicker than disco, but judging by the crowds at these nights, it’s never been damn cooler.

London and New York have been two cities separated by a common ocean, and if you’ve got the money for a jet-hopping life, then you can’t do better than these places, they are totally my two favourite cities on earth. You’ve gotta try to get out and see the nightlife in both cities, go on, wear some NyLon!

Better Ways To Cope With Your Passion For Fashion

We’ve all gotta bit of a passion for fashion in some way, right? It’s a form of art, and it’s a way to express yourself, pretty much like a musician, painter, or writer would. You shouldn’t be suppressing that appreciation for something beautiful, but, um, hey, you also shouldn’t let it run away with you. A musician doesn’t break their bank account by buying every nice guitar they see (or they shouldn’t), and you shouldn’t break your bank account by buying every nice piece of clothing or quirky fashion accessory you come across! Restraint is a powerful but difficult thing to master, trust me, I know that! Our minds tell us that we’re denying ourselves something or missing out when we restrain our urges, but the truth is the complete opposite. You’ll appreciate things like fashion far more when you don’t splurge to the point of forgetting why you loved all these gorgeous pieces of clothing in the first place. When you treat yourself to the occasional stunning fashion piece, you appreciate it far more. Here are some ideas as to better ways in which you could cope with your passion for fashion!

Shop cheaply – Unless you’re in complete debt, eeek, which I’ll mention later, you don’t have to give up on fashion. You shouldn’t give up on the things you love, but you should know how to approach your passion for something when it’s costing you a fortune. Every time you need to update your wardrobe (and that means your clothes are too small, old, or torn rather than you simply wanting more), you should consider the cheaper options. You should try thrift shopping because the clothes are not only far less expensive than the big brands change in their stores but they’re also just as nice as clothes in the big shops. As a vintage loving gal myself, I’d say that vintage clothing is far cooler and unique than the mass produced, mainstream things you’ll find on the high street. Better yet, you’ll be shopping ethically when you head into thrift shops, charity shops, or even just swapping with friends; going for the second-hand option may not be as glamorous as buying a brand new skirt, but the sweatshop industry which creates those clothes sure isn’t glamorous either. At least you won’t be funding more hardship for those workers. You could do a little research into other ways to save money when shopping if you’re worried that you might be wasting cash on your clothes (whether you’re prone to splurging or not). So many big stores trick you into thinking you’re getting a great deal when you’re really spending far more than you should be. Do a little research, and hunt stores which offer ethical clothes which are beautiful and come at a fraction of the price you’d see in other stores.

Try the ‘1 month’ technique – This is a clever lil’ technique if you can be strict with yourself. Next time you walk past a shop on the high street and see a stunning dress or top in the window, make a note of it on your phone or a piece of paper. Wait a month, and see how you feel. This is the ultimate way to determine whether you really want a piece of clothing or you just felt the pull of your insatiable urge to shop. If you still want the dress or whatever fashion item you saw in the window one month after first seeing it then you can go ahead and treat yourself to it. If you find that the urge has passed then don’t buy the piece of clothing or the fashion accessory because you probably never really wanted it anyway. You were simply enticed in the moment, and that’s the entire purpose of display windows in shops.

Make a budget – If you really want to curb your excessive spending then you need to start keeping track of it. Take control of the situation, and make a budget. To do this, you need to first look at the money you make each month (if you’re self-employed then note down the average amount of money you make). Once you have a rough figure, note down all the necessities you need to purchase each month; your rent, the average amount you spend on utility bills, and the average amount you spend on food. The figure you end up with should give you an idea of how much money you need to add to your budget for necessities. Make it a little larger than the amount you spent in order to allow for variation. Stick to this figure. It’s pretty darn vital that you always have money set aside for necessities. You should be left with a rough figure concerning the amount of disposable income you usually have for each month. Set aside some, but not all, of this money for shopping; that’s your new monthly budget for “luxuries”, and you can’t exceed. A way to stop yourself exceeding it is to keep only one credit card for emergencies but to never take that card out with you. This is the key to avoiding debt; never spend more money than you make, and you’ll never need to borrow money for anything unnecessary. If you are in debt, whether it’s for something important like a house or excessive borrowing and spending in the past, then suspend all luxury purchases and pool all your disposable income for that month into paying off your debt. Don’t borrow any more money until your debt is gone; ideally, you shouldn’t borrow money for anything other than big purchases such as houses or cars. When you do, of course, paying off the debt quickly is essential to maintain a good credit score which to me, has always been important.

Don’t go to a mall or the high street to kill time – Only hit the shops when you need to buy something vital for your home or your children, perhaps. Don’t stroll into a mall just because you had some free time because that’s when you’re shopping for the sake of improving your mood and not because you actually need (or even really want) any of the things you’re buying. Treating yourself to luxuries is fine every now and then because we all do it, but when you’re more bothered about the momentary rush it gives you to buy something rather than the thing you’re buying then that’s when you need to stop. Your passion for fashion should solely be focused on the fashion itself, and you shouldn’t be hitting the shops if you’re not even sure why you’re doing so. When you do need to shop for necessities such as food then you should try to head for your local grocery store or smaller, local shops in order to avoid the tempting sight of big clothes brands in the center of your town or city. You want to resist temptation as much as possible so that shopping can get back to being a fun past-time for you; you want to buy clothes because you love the actual clothes and not the feeling of swiping your credit card on the register.

Always bring a shopping list – You likely bring a shopping list with you when you go to buy groceries so that you don’t miss anything important or buy something you don’t need, and that’s why you need to apply that logic to shopping for clothing too. As mentioned in the budgeting point earlier, it’s very important that you bring a set amount of cash with you so that you’re not tempted to splurge on your credit card. That way, you can enjoy the luxuries you buy in the knowledge that you won’t have spent more than you can afford. Perhaps more importantly, you’ll only have a limited amount of cash, and that means you’ll buy clothes that you feel truly passionate about in terms of fashion because you won’t be able to afford everything you see.

Accept when your problem has become too serious – Whilst a lot of the advice in this article was aimed towards people with a penchant for fashion, there are different levels when it comes to overspending on the high street. Some people buy the odd expensive thing that they probably should have avoided, but some people are in serious debt because of an uncontrollable shopping addiction. You need to figure out if you’re on that spectrum and how much help you may need if so.

If you treat yourself to the odd luxury then you don’t have a problem; if you treat yourself to silly things then you may need to try budgeting and other tips in this article; if you’ve borrowed money just to buy even more things then you have a serious problem and you need to seek help. It might be time to look into counseling if you can’t control your own urges. If budgeting, cutting up your credit cards, or any other method isn’t enough to stop you then you could also attend meetings with other people who have shopping addictions. Solidarity always helps. Shopping will always be there to temps us, the stores want us to buy things we don’t need, that’s your hard earned money they want so take time before handing it over…do you REALLY need that extra dress? Shop well, my friends. x