Prim Gets Pretty For Norwich Fashion Week

It’s pretty ace to think that since 2010 Norwich Fashion Week has been blasting out a heap of fun every year, growing bigger and better each time, and, that my shop Prim Vintage Fashion has been involved since the very beginning as part of the gob-smackingly gorgeous Vintage Show. Pink. That’s my favourite colour and it’s the signature hue of Prim so it was nothing less than excellent that the set for this years show was pink and sparkly. Boom. I showcased 8 vintage dresses from my store and, oh, a few of them were pink. I was in the pink. Big time. The models were lush, the 70’s music was perfection and the entire event stood out as the most fun and frolicsome of the entire week; well, to me anyways. The Vintage Show always has a very cool tone, a playful vibe, and it was so blummin’ well put together by the NFW team and in particular the marvellous Karen; thanks Doll, you did real good. I was happy as always to be part of this wonderful week; proper fun.








Beautiful photographs by Andi Sapey


Phew! Now that we’re pretty much over the peak of winter, a lot of us are gonna have our minds fixed on one thing: when will we be able to crack into our spring wardrobe, pleeeease? Soon enough, you’ll be able to ditch the tights, sit outside for lunch, forget the gloom of winter and get on with the year ahead. Hurrah! The days are already getting longer, so get into that fast lane by sorting out your spring style now. Here are five tips for the months ahead…

Discover the Duster Coat, or Something Similar – Duster coats have a lightweight design, ideal for wearing over the garb you have now. Just make a point to ditch your chunky knit jumper, as the extra layers can create too much bulk for a piece of clothing that’s all about looking smart. Various different labels have put out styles that are great for dressing down or going to occasions, and spring usually has a lot of both. A good duster will smarten up your jeans, and present a refreshing change to winter’s short jacket/dress ensemble. If you want something a little more cosy and understated, long cardigans are a good alternative. Here’s a great post on how to style a long cardigan. Whatever your tastes, a duster coat, mac, or similar piece is going to be totally essential for your spring wardrobe.

Stick with Long, Lean Hemlines – Now that it’s getting almost too warm to go out wrapped up in a dozen layers, you’re gonna want a transition, and get used to feeling a breeze around your ankles again; lush. It may sound too simple to be effective, but longer, leaner hemlines are a great way to make the change. The best way to do this is to lose your tights, but keep a long skirt or dress so that you don’t feel too much of a shock. Soon enough, you’ll be ready to start wearing summer’s airy, flirty skirts once again!

Crack out the Florals – Flowers are just totes synonymous with spring. They sum up the fresh starts and beauty we associate with the season, so start digging the florals out from the back of the closet. A floral dress is sure to be the trophy piece, but while the weather’s still warming up, you may want to put it off until you can say with absolute certainty that it’s summer. Still, the weather’s going to be comfortable enough for skirts, tops, jeans and so on. This will get you more tuned to a warm mindset, and get you ready for all the sun that’s on its way, yaaaaaay! 

Let Craft-work Back into Your Life – This is another seasonal tradition that isn’t going to go away any time soon. You know that spring’s arrived when the crochet and lace starts appearing on skirts, blouses, and the hems of dresses. In a few weeks, it will be time to let them all out to play again! While we’re still in the transition period, make sure you’re easing those frills in. Add too much in too short a space of time, and you’ll just over-saturate your outfit. Instead, start off with some touches here and there to give yourself the perfect level of spring dressing. Like, you could go looking for understated decorations on a jacket, and combine the piece with a simple black t-shirt, or a roll-neck. Sleek trousers, either skinny, cropped or wide-leg, but always in a neutral colour, can also be great for balancing out the craft-work in your outfit.

Bare your Feet – You’ve had your feet shut up for long enough. Dip a toe into those fresh spring waters with a good sandal. Gladiator styles are still in massive demand, but these will be better when the summer rolls around. Now, a more standard style will work better, combined with cropped trousers to keep yourself firmly in the right part of the calendar. If you can’t handle these, there are some a lot of boot-sandal hybrids currently on the market which might pique your interest. It can be pretty hard to make these mesh with the rest of your outfit when the days are still fairly chilly. However, they’re always going to beat socks and sandals! Let your feet breathe a bit now, and you’ll be all set for slipping into your favourite heels in the summer.

Getting your spring wardrobe right is all a question of balance. Lighten or lose a few layers, compensate where you need to, and above all else get comfortable and ready to feel a little sun on your face!




Be still my beating heart.

Yeah, I know, London Fashion Week was a coupla weeks ago now, but, I’m kinda still in the honeymoon phase of it all. Because not only did I have an exceptionally ace time over the 4 busy days, I also kinda fell in love. Yup, I fell slap bang, head over heels, heart thumpingly in love with the fashion of David Ferreira. I am totally love sick. I reviewed this dazzling show in detail for PlusMinus magazine but, seeing as (like a love-struck schoolgirl and her heart-throb crush) I can’t stop thinking about it, I wanted to share my love over here too. And, it gives me the sweet excuse of filling my blog with images of all the looks from the collection. Preeeetty! Now, I loved everything about London Fashion Week, truly, even the cold and hangry moments, because the fun and fast pace of it all keeps you thrilled, but, something about the David Ferreira show made it stand out as THE best part of the entire week for me. I didn’t know what to expect from Ferreira, I was a complete virgin to his work so had no clue what was about to hit me. We got reeeally great close-up seats for this show and as soon as the first model came out, boom, my heart picked up the pace and I was giddy with awe! I was fizzy with glee for the whole show, each model showcasing another outfit which made my knees go weak, I mean, wowzers, would ya look at the colours here, not only are they a mix of my faaavourite brights, but heck, they just come up and smack you in the face with their bold lushness. Like a party popper in the face. Ferreira’s designs blur perfectly the line between art and fashion, the theatricality of it all is sublime and, I dunno, I’m still new to fashion shows but I think really, when I see a runway show I wanna be overwhelmed by the sight of it all. I can look at pretty dresses, sure that’s nice, but I kinda wanna be blown away, and Ferreira achieved that fully. This AW17 collection was titled ‘The Freakball’ taking inspo from old freak shows and circus acts, celebrating uniqueness and confidence in being your own true self. These designs aren’t all totally wearable to the average gal, I get that, but loooook at the structure and shape, and the COLOURS!!! Goodness, I cannot stop looking! The dresses I would TOTALLY wear are the two long bias cut 30’s style ones, they are pure bliss. And, if I had an event, well heck yes I’d throw on the pink tulle number. And, ya know what? I reckon I’d feel a billion damn bucks in it too. Oh man, Ferreira is now my full on fashion crush and I cannot wait to see what he brings next season.

I, am super smitten.






















Photos by Simon Armstrong, by kind courtesy of Forward PR

Tips for Planning a Winter Wedding

Guest Post by Wendy Dessler

Winter-inspired celebrations offer so much material for designers and couples – sparkling stars in deep blue skies, dripping icicles, boughs of every possible shade of green, and berries in bright red, burgundy, and even grey-blue. Venues are often already decorated for the season, offering couples on a budget more value than any other time of year.

Winter means different things in different regions of the world, of course. In those where holidays are in high gear and cold weather is the norm, there are sometimes unique things you need to take into account when planning your wedding.

Special Travel Considerations for Planning a Winter Wedding

  • Proximity to the holidays could be a blessing or a curse. Some friends and loved ones will be able to take advantage of time off and long weekends. Others will have family obligations that will get in the way of attending your celebration.
  • Holiday travel can be more expensive than it is at other times of the year. Let your guests know ASAP about your date so they can research the best fares and take advantage of advance fare specials.
  • In popular holiday travel destinations, hotels book early. Negotiate room blocks and send the information out with your save-the-date or provide it to guests traveling from out of town via email or your wedding website, and make sure they understand how important it is to book early.

Winter Weather Matters

  • Climates vary widely depending on region, but in colder weather areas make sure your plans are practical. Choose indoor sites or create a solid rain plan if you dare to choose to hold events outdoors.     
  • Make your fashion plans practical. You might have always dreamed of lining up your bridesmaids in strapless, tea-length gold bridesmaid dresses, but it’s unlikely that those dreams included frostbite or hypothermia. Even if your events are indoors, don’t forget that walking from one place to another, and taking gorgeous outside photos may still necessitate some time in the elements. Choose fabrics that are appropriate for colder temperatures and plan on including a pashmina or wrap in the ensemble.
  • Note that even if you live in a sunny climate where the weather can’t possibly take a bad turn for your winter wedding, some of your guests may not. Know that extreme conditions may delay or interfere with their ability to get to you on time and try to plan for it if possible, especially if you’re considering attendants from regions with dicey winter weather.
  • Also remember to be a good host. If you have a lot of family and friends traveling to your wedding from other areas, include information in your pre-wedding materials that alerts them to the weather and what they should do to prepare. Make clothing suggestions for their entire stay, not just the wedding day. You’ll be the hero of those who might have arrived unprepared.

As seasonal weddings go, winter events can be some of the most magical and meaningful. While you plan stunning décor to go along with everything we love about winter, also plan for the safety, comfort and convenience of your wedding party and guests. You’ll appreciate the results of your careful planning as you’re enjoying your amazing day.

Author Bio

Wendy Dessler

Title: Super-Connector at OutreachMama

Wendy is a super-connector with OutreachMama and Towering SEO who helps businesses find their audience online through outreach, partnerships, and networking. She frequently writes about the latest advancements in digital marketing and focuses her efforts on developing customized blogger outreach plans depending on the industry and competition. You can contact her on Twitter.

Victorian Fashion for Today

The early 1800’s represented a quintessential era in Victorian dresses and fashion. These vintage party dresses not only reflected the elegant silhouette of a women’s body but they also showed off the amount of wealth and class that particular women and her family had. The Victorian era revolved around extravagant and flashy clothing compared to years prior. During the Victorian era, a women’s place was at home, not like in previous years when women were able to help their husband’s at work or in the fields. Also during the Victorian era is when sewing machines and the ability to mass-produce clothing started booming. The booming clothing business ultimately lead to the extravagant vintage party dresses worn by females during the Victorian era.

In today’s world of fashion, the Victorian era and its fashion is totally, not dead. Victorian dresses are still worn in today’s fashion industry just in a slightly different way. One main area to look at, if you’re looking for the Victorian look in fashion, is wedding dresses. The idea of a large, white dress was actually inspired by Queen Victoria herself, the Queen of Victorian fashion. Wedding dresses today have beautiful necklines showing off the collar bones, which was a popular trend back in the 1800’s, also wedding dresses often have trains and long trails, another popular trend that owes its ancestry to the 1800’s.

The Victorian style also has its place in everyday fashion. When considering the three main elements of Victorian fashion it is important to consider:

* Lace

* Heirloom Styling

* Lush Fabrics

If a piece of clothing has at least one of these three elements, one can almost guarantee that it was Victorian inspired by the designer. Another large trend that was popular back in the Victorian era was corsets, and surely you are aware that corsets have made a huge comeback in recent years as girls strive to have the best bodies possible. Corsets are sewn right into dresses and shirts and are not often separate pieces like they were back in the 1800’s.

Next time you’re out shopping, keep your eyes peeled for some of these details that you now know were inspired over one hundred years ago back in Queen Victoria’s day! The Victorian style is not just for women dressed to the nines with lavish dresses and perfect bell-shaped bodies with feather hats, but also for everyday wear. Simple touches, such as lace or ruffles are trends inspired by the 1800’s, now isn’t that a fun fact!