How To Organise A Dazzling Dinner Party

I’m at the age where a night out in the clubs is no longer my kinda thing, I like to have friends round for food and drinks, I guess I’m becoming a proper grown up! Having a dinner party can be a brilliant occasion for all involved, apart from the host. The host will be stressed out over the tiny details from the minute they announce it and invite guests, until the moment, the last sip of wine has been drunk. Only then will they allow themselves to think about the lovely evening they created. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. You really can organise an ace dinner party without getting too overwhelmed by it all. Here’s some of my tips to help you….

Know your guest list as soon as possible – The first thing you need to know is who is coming and how many people are there. This will help you plan for every other detail of your dinner party. It’s also essential to know who is coming so you can accommodate for vegetarians, allergies and lifestyle diet choices. Knowing your guest list enables you to plan a menu and the evening’s proceedings beforehand. The more you plan, the better prepared you are, simple. Which means you can enjoy the evening even though you’ll be spending it stressing over tiny details a little bit too.

Menu plan – Now you know who you have to come this is where the fun can begin. Menu planning is great and an essential part of your dinner party preparation. It will allow you to source the best ingredients, making things in advance and even try out the recipes before your guests arrive. Your boyfriend will be sick of eating the same meal by the time you’ve practiced and perfected it. It’ll allow you to work out the timings as well. This means you can relax a little knowing everything is on hand for the big night.

Think of the drinks you serve as well as the food – Of course, it isn’t just about the food you serve but also the drinks you provide. Wine choices and other options are just as important. They need to go with the food you are serving as well as be delightful for your guests. This is where websites like can come in handy. The drinks you serve can bring out flavours in your meals so don’t make any rushed decisions and do some research. Your guests will notice the difference.

Do you have a theme in mind? – Is your dinner party for a particular occasion? Is there a theme? Make sure whatever you decide the theme stands out. This can be through decoration or the meals you serve. Perhaps it is for a special occasion like a birthday or leaving party.

Decoration is a real nice touch – Decorating the room you are hosting your dinner party in, can be a nice touch for your guest. You should also think about how your table is set and consider getting a floral arrangement from a florist, or, think of cool ways to show off the food, like they did in the 70’s, that’s a good talking point! This is the perfect opportunity to use your best glasses, plates and table decorations, your friends will love it! 

I hope this helps a little in helping you to organise a dreamy dinner party very soon!


Plan an Engagement Party with These Simple Tips

Getting engaged is always gonna be pretty exciting. It won’t be long before you’re married, and legally tied to the love of your life. Except, many couples nowadays opt for a long engagement. It takes the pressure off planning the wedding and allows for you to save a bit more. While there’s heaps of benefits to waiting, it also means you could have a long while before you get to have a partaaay, so, if you’re impatient, the answer to your problems could be in having an engagement party. It doesn’t need to be anywhere near as lavish as the wedding, and it’s an ace excuse to get everyone together before then. Try the ideas below to decide how to plan yours.

Consider the Scale – If you’re going to throw an engagement party, you need to consider the scale of it. Chances are, you don’t want it to be as big a to-do as your wedding will be. It’s not the sort of thing you can afford to spend a year planning! Ideally, you can put your plans in place to have the party no more than a month or two after getting engaged. It’s best to do it while the excitement is still fresh. You’re probably not going to invite everyone who will be on the wedding guest list. Closest family and friends will want to make an appearance, but no one needs to travel long-distance to make it.

Choose a Theme – If you want to do something at least a little fancy, you should pick a theme for the party. It doesn’t have to be too complicated, but it will help to bring everything together. Your theme could be a design style or period. It could even be an activity that everyone can enjoy at the party. For example, you can rent a bowling alley from some private venues. You could do something rustic or relaxed, or you could glam it up with a Great Gatsby theme. Get everyone to dress up if you want.

Pick a Venue – Once you know what you’re doing, you need somewhere to host the party. Think about what will be suitable for your idea and convenient for your guests. You, of course, have a budget in mind, and it’s important to be able to stick to it. Look at different places to find the right venue for your party. You might find suitable function venues in a variety of places. Don’t just look at hotels and restaurants. You can also consider pubs and bars, as well as other places the offer rooms for hire.

Keep Your Guests Happy – Throwing a party isn’t just an excuse to massage your ego. Even though an engagement party is about celebrating you as a couple, the aim is for everyone to have a good time. You should keep your guests in mind at all times when you’re planning the party. It should make you happy, but your guests should enjoy it too. If you hire a DJ, will they get up and dance? What sort of food is everyone going to like?

An engagement party doesn’t have to be particularly complicated. It could just be a quick meal with some close friends and family if you want it to be, it’s all about having the excuse to celebrate and have FUUUN!

How To Look Incredible In Everything You Wear

Who doesn’t want to look incredible in everything they wear? There are sooo many  different ways that you can do this. Read on for some of my favourite tips and tricks to see what you can work for you….

Choose Clothes That You Love – When you choose clothes that you really love, you’ll look really lovely in them. If you’re not really sure about an outfit, then you probably shouldn’t be wearing it. Don’t buy or wear things just for the sake of it, because you’ll be doing yourself an injustice. It’s so important that you only wear clothes you feel somehow kinda drawn to.

Know Your Body Type And How To Accentuate It – By knowing your body type and the right way to accentuate it, you’ll wear flattering things all the time. Know your best bits and show them off, for example, I have a small chest so I wear lose tops so that I don’t feel too self conscious. Learn how to disguise bits that you maybe don’t like so much. There are all kinds of guides online that can help you with this if you’re feeling unsure.

Focus On Having Good Posture – Good posture is an absolute must if you want to look incredible. Nobody looks good with their shoulders rolled forward, and slouching can make your belly pop out too. Good posture means a straight back, shoulders back, and head up. You’ll automatically look more confident this way, and it’ll shine through whatever you’re wearing. Don’t let yourself slouch. Be more mindful and you’ll look better in an instant, and you neck won’t hurt too.

Take Up A Healthier Lifestyle – Taking up a healthy lifestyle, will not only make you look incredible, it’ll make you feel incredible too. Feeling great and being healthy should be your ultimate goal, and looking amazing will come as a natural result. Make small changes at first if you don’t want to jump right off into the deep end. Small changes gradually lead to big results. Start by exercising a couple of times a week gently, then building that up. Eat better foods more often. Drink more water and use matcha tea powder, I swear by green tea to help  metabolism speed up and clear your body of toxins. Keep going until you’re really happy and have a sustainable routine. You don’t want to revert back to your old habits afterwards, which is why making it sustainable is so important. If you can’t see yourself sticking to this in the long run, then change it in small other some way.

Make Sure You’re True To Yourself – You must be true to yourself if you want to look amazing. Don’t try to be or copy anybody else. Taking inspiration is fine, but copying because you’re scared to be individual is not. You were born unique, so stay unique and be true to you. It’s the only real way to be, I think!

Start using these tips and you should notice that you look and feel amazing, whatever you decide to wear. It’s all about being yourself and choosing things that call out to you. Experimenting can be a lot of fun, and the sooner you work out your personal style, the sooner you can rock it! Have fun and let me know if you have any tips!


Be The Most Beautiful Bride Ever With These Top Tips

Your wedding day is the day when you should look and feel your most very, very beautiful. You’re getting married to the big ole LOVE of your life, and natch, you wanna look your absolute best, right? How you look on your wedding day often relies on how much preparation you put in beforehand. The majority of brides decide to do a little diet to help them look incredible on their big day, to be in their best shape possible. But there are heaps of other things you can do too. If you’re eager to turn heads on your big day, here are some top tips to maybe follow.Eat in moderation – While you understandably want to look your best, extreme diets and skipping meals is not the way to do it, NOPE. But you wanna feel fit and strong and healthy on the day. Not eating enough of the right foods each day can affect your health and make your skin and hair look dull, I really notice it myself. It can also make you feel drained and unmotivated to continue with your wedding plans. While you probably should cut out junk food, don’t cut out whole food groups altogether. You should be eating appropriate portions of well-balanced foods each day. Each food group gives our body the nutrients it needs to work efficiently. While also helping it look it’s very best. Good healthy food will make you glow for sure. So make sure you eat in moderation and make healthy food choices in the run up to your big day.

Get plenty of beauty sleep – You’re never going to be your most beautiful if you don’t get enough quality sleep at night. While planning a wedding is notoriously stressful and time-consuming, it’s essential that you rest too. It’ll help you look beautiful, but it also improves concentration and helps you to feel energized. Regular exercise, meditation, I like yoga, and changing your bedroom’s layout can all help you sleep better each night. You can also create a sleep schedule where you go to bed and wake up at the same time each day. This will ensure you get the recommended 7-8 hours sleep you need to function at optimal level.  No matter how busy you may be in the weeks leading up to your big day, always make your beauty sleep a priority, you don’t wanna look frazzled, you wanna look relaxed and rested to be your best!

Quit your bad habits – Wrinkles, dull skin, and breakouts are every bride’s worst nightmare. While stress and the weather can contribute to these issues, bad habits can too. Overeating and smoking are just a few habits that all brides should try quit ahead of their wedding. Start researching the best way to combat your bad habits quickly and effectively. You could search for an e-liquid UK store online or talk to your doctor, my boyfriend has recently quit smoking and switched to vaping and he feels much cleaner and fresher. You could also start a new hobby or use your wedding planning as a distraction to refocus your mind. Stopping your bad habits will help improve your looks, while also increasing your energy levels and allowing you to stay trim. Win.Pick one or all of the tips in this guide and you are guaranteed to walk down the aisle with your head held high, showing off your glowy and smiley face. This is pretty much the biggest day of your life, and, I would imagine you wanna feel like the prettiest gal in the room!

Small Things to Make Your Outfit Immediately Classy

Sometimes, you just kinda need to go for a classy outfit. You might be dressing for an interview or an important day at work. Or maybe you gotta pop to a special event, or meet your partner’s parents for the first time, eeek. Whatever the reason you want to dress up, it can be a bit tough getting it just right. You get dressed thinking that you’re going to look sophisticated, but you end up looking too casual or a bit, meh; dull. You’re going for classy and grown-up, not scruffy or uptight, right? When you’re trying to look classy, it’s often all about the small details. These are my best tips to instantly add some class to your outfit.

Add Another Layer – Us independent ladies can wear whatever the heck we want, and should be able to do so without anyone else judging us. Having said that, different outfits have totally different vibes, and there’s no avoiding the fact that if you want to look sophisticated, you’re better off showing less skin. It’s not that you have to be completely modest and cover yourself head to toe, but, if you wanna be a little revealing while still remaining classy, it’s better to choose one thing to show off. Some women might wear strapless dresses to a ball, but they’re probably gonna be floor-length gowns so they don’t have their legs out at the same time. See? Sophisticated and elegant! 

Diamonds and Pearls – Sometimes making your outfit classy is all about the accessorising. The right pair of sunglasses or a leather handbag can totally make all the difference. When it comes to jewellery, diamonds and pearls *subtle tribute to Prince there, see?* are two things that will NEVER EVER fail. Well, that might be a bit of an exaggeration. It is possible to get it a bit wrong, especially with diamonds (or diamond look-a-likes). If you go overboard, you’ll tip past that classy point and fall into tacky territory. Whether you choose pearl drops or diamonds, some small and subtle pieces are all you need. A pair of stud earrings with either diamonds or pearls always looks pretty darn neat.

Replace the Detailing on Your Clothes – Even if your clothes are cheap, you can make them look more sophisticated. Sometimes all it takes is changing the small details. For example, many cheaper items have low-quality buttons that aren’t sewn on very well. If you want to improve them, you should get some new or vintage buttons and use your very best sewing skills. Altering small details like these is easy, and it won’t cost you much.

Invest in the Right Pieces – If you have a limited budget for clothes, knowing how to spend it is essential. It’s important to invest in the pieces that will last so you don’t waste your money. For example, if you’re going to wear a pair of shoes every day, a cheap pair is probably not going to last as long as a more expensive one, but, if you can get something that looks exactly the same as a more expensive version, you’ll look just as classy.

A small change to your outfit can make it immediately more sophisticated. Even if you’re short on cash, you can still look super smart.