Festivities at the Folks new house

Christmas is done.

Now we are all new.

December is a crazy time for most, and especially for those of us who own or work in shops….James and I were stupidly busy; with both our little store and with heaps of absolutely lovely social happenings. So it was with much gratitude that we hotfooted it down to my parents in our old Scirocco on Christmas eve for a few days of respite. A very calm and relaxed affair it was too. Just James, I and my Mum and Dad. My sister and her hubby couldn’t make it down until the next day so with just the four of us it was an utterly tranquil time. Good food, good chats and good lounging. It was also the best chance for me to explore my folks’ new home. They had moved there, literally, just weeks before Christmas and so it was a whole new place for me to call home. They had frantically unpacked and made it feel like theirs just in time for our visit. I totally adore their new house, so many beautiful original features and the space and feel of it is awesome, a truly handsome abode. A lovely time indeed.

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