I Dare You To Pick One Decade



If you haven’t seen this super cute video yet then, firstly; ‘duh? Where ya been Gurl?’ and secondly, let me be the one to show it to you, it’s totally fun! A short, sharp, shot of fashion history in a two minute vid, kinda like playing dress up dolls without any actual effort. Ace. This sweet treat shows the key look of each decade from the 1920’s to the now and although the looks are kinda cliche, the people at mode.com have got it pretty spot on in showcasing the most coveted trends from each era. So many looks to love, the question is, which decade’s look would you go for if you could only choose one? If you like, HAD to choose one era and stick to it for evermore? Ummm, I’ll take the 30’s. And a bit of the 70’s. And some of the 80’s. And a bit of the 20’s. And some 50’s. And a touch of 60’s. Eeesh. #toomuchtolove


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