The Perfect 1930’s Fashion of Woody Allen’s Cafe Society


If movies were beverages, Woody Allen’s Cafe Society would be a cool glass of smooth Champagne; sparkling and decadent. A beautifully enchanting and bittersweet film, set in 1930’s Hollywood and New York. This latest Allen offering has his usual perfectly paced wit and charm, with Jesse Eisenberg captivating in his lead role, particularly personifying a younger Allen, a modern embodiment of the man himself with his faultless delivery of the dialogue and eager awkwardness. The film has a gorgeous, subtle and easy pace alongside the scintillating quickness of the script. Blake Lively and Kristen Stewart are the fashion in this film, gah, what era is more cinematically superb than the 1930’s? This is a feast of fashion indeed.

Floaty, feminine fabrics, dainty and fragile details, the 30’s clothes in this movie are so expertly selected, with pastels and ditzy florals in abundance for day wear and jaw dropping glamour when it comes to the evening wear. We’re watching the Bette Davis era, the elegance and sophistication is magnified and each outfit creates heart-shaped eyes for the viewer. Frilled cape sleeves, floppy neck ties, slim lines and below the knee hemlines conjure up a time when fashion was neat and beautifully effeminate. On a fashion note alone, this stunning film is worth watching just for the red silk gown worn by Lively, which in my opinion easily rivals that green dress worn by Keira Knightley in the film Atonement. Oh my.

You’ll come away from this movie with the 30’s on your mind, eager to add some of that look to your wardrobe, trust me, you really will. You’ll want sherbet colours, delicate details and prim gloves, you’ll be inspired to add a bias cut to your repertoire – which is flattering for every shape – you’ll want a neat short curled bob in your hair and a beaded bag on your arm. The day wear is cute and accessible and the evening wear is pure luxury on your skin, be it crepe or silk, no gal can feel unnoticed in a 30’s gown. Scour sites like Etsy for originals and replicas, or seek out online vintage fashion stores like mine which have done the hard work for you and have found the best pieces. To wear authentic items can be a pricey affair, but these pieces are a true investment with their value constantly on the rise, they’re an excellent addition to any collection, plus if you take the time to search you can find amazing items at fair prices or you can simply invest in some accessories of the era to add to your modern look, giving a discreet nod to this perfect period.

Cafe Society is available to own on DVD, Blu-Ray and digital download from 26th December 2016, courtesy of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, and I defy you to watch it and not be inspired to dress and dream as though you are living in the utter delight of the decade. Swoon.


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Get Married Like A Movie Star – Injecting Some Hollywood Glamour Into Your Wedding Day

Weddings are such joyous occasions. They are also one of the rare chances we have in this life to go all out and really bask in some old world glamour. Whether you go for a few Hollywood touches or completely live that Movie star fantasy all day, it’s always good to get glamorous!

Red Lipstick – So one of the most glamorous thing you can do in to make yourself into a gorgeous Hollywood starlet from the 50’s for the day. It is all about the makeup, which is so classic it goes with a lot of different style dresses, as well as just the 40’s and 50’s ones. The most important feature of the look is a gorgeous red lipstick. This looks so timeless against the white or cream, of your dress. But to rock a red lippy, you also have to get the rest of the face right. First, you will need to make sure that your teeth are pearly white and in the best condition. You will also need a good full coverage foundation, which you have left to set on your face. This will stop it smudging off on your dress. Then you need perfect dark shaded eyebrows and a strong mascara, along with that gorgeous cat’s eye flick of eyeliner. Use a matte lipstick shade for that will last all day even after kissing your groom.

Dress – If you are looking for some serious old Hollywood glamour, then go for a satin bias cut 30’s style gown. These are usually well fitted and often have a low back.  This is the quintessential movie star outfit to slink down the aisle in. Gooorgeous! If you prefer to wear something with just a nod to star glamour, then pick something that makes you feel like a beautiful bride. Lace or satin work well, as do 60’s style chiffon gowns. Remember it’s your time to utterly shine!


Make an entrance – Don’t forget that movie stars like to make an entrance. We are talking Limos and red carpets here. Organize your car well in advance by contacting a company that offers Limousine Hire. Ask your reception venue to provide a red carpet that you and your guest get to walk on. Just make sure they know not to put it out if it is raining!

Decorations – One you have made your entrance, then you can make your way into the main reception space. If you want your guests to get to feel like movies start as well, you can theme the decorations in a Hollywood style. Maybe consider naming the tables after famous film star couples like Liz Taylor and Richard Burton, or Kirk Russell and Goldie Horn? Just maybe don’t use Brad and Angelina though! You could have an Oscars-themed wedding cake? How about life size cardboard cutouts of your favorite film stars from history like Garland and Monroe? Or, what about having a projector screen with your favorite movies playing in the background during the meal? Whichever way you choose to inject Hollywood glamour into your day, you gotta know that it’ll be you who feels like the true star…and so you should!

Get The Vintage Fashion Look

Since the 1990’s women have been rockin’ various vintage and retro fashion looks, aaaw yeah they have! Vintage fashions are about waaay more than just what you’re wearing; they say a lot about the music, lifestyle, and your attitude to life. But with so many vintage looks out there, how can you get the right one that looks best on you? Well, read on to find out….


1940’s and 1950’s

The forties look has been a pretty popular look for the last ten years or so. It all started to come into fashion around the time that the shabby chic movement began. Maybe it’s something to do with the fact that culturally people always try to look back to a better time when things get austere? Anyway, the 40’s and 50’s silhouettes like the ones shown here have been gaining popularity ever since. In fact, they are so popular now that they are even a mainstay in the wedding dress market. A sure fire sign that they are here to stay, hoooray!

The 40’s look is more about the slim dress that accentuates your curves. Look for covered buttons and pussy bows for the right details. Try stores like Vivien of Holloway or Lindy Bop for these styles. The 50’s look embraces the full skirt more. This is a great look for any shape, as its creates the illusion of a small waist. This is because skirts and dresses in this style are often fitted on the top, with a definite waist and then flared out. You can wear the dresses on their own or with a petticoat which will give you that oomph for a real rock ‘n roll flared look.



1960’s styles come in and out of fashion pretty regularly. The short shift dresses are effortlessly stylish and show off a great pair of legs. Last season we saw a lot of paisley print in new fashions as well as a nod to the 60’s. Remember that your vintage look, doesn’t have to be made up of purely vintage items. Mix and match new and old for a more modern and up to date take on your chosen era; modern ankle boots and a biker jacket add a great twist to a vintage look creating a bang-up-to-date fressh look just for YOU! Colours that work well for a 60’s look are schemes in greens, blues and orangey browns for that authentic feel. Pair short dresses with flat shoes for throwing some shapes and a high beehive in your hair if you want a really authentic look!



The 90’s look is probably the look of choice at the moment. Trawl your local vintage shops and ask your relatives if they have anything that the used to wear back in the day in their wardrobes that you can purloin. You can also get plenty of items from vintage stores and 90’s styles new pieces. Neutral minimalism and Grunge were massive iconic looks of the era. Shops like Charlotte Russe are a good bet for some reasonably priced items with a definite 90’s feel. You can get Charlotte Russe promo code online too to save you some money on your shop, which is always ace! Car boot sales and auction sites are a good bet for accessories like mini backpacks and the occasional golden find of an authentic band t-shirt. Speaking of band, t-shirts, even Primark have jumped on the trend and offer cheap Nirvana or Stones t-shirts, which can be cut to make something like this, making it extra cool! 

Pick an era, any era, mix ’em up together and with modern finds, dressing with vintage is the MOST fun ever and is by far the best way to make a look which only you will be wearing!

Small Things to Make Your Outfit Immediately Classy

Sometimes, you just kinda need to go for a classy outfit. You might be dressing for an interview or an important day at work. Or maybe you gotta pop to a special event, or meet your partner’s parents for the first time, eeek. Whatever the reason you want to dress up, it can be a bit tough getting it just right. You get dressed thinking that you’re going to look sophisticated, but you end up looking too casual or a bit, meh; dull. You’re going for classy and grown-up, not scruffy or uptight, right? When you’re trying to look classy, it’s often all about the small details. These are my best tips to instantly add some class to your outfit.

Add Another Layer – Us independent ladies can wear whatever the heck we want, and should be able to do so without anyone else judging us. Having said that, different outfits have totally different vibes, and there’s no avoiding the fact that if you want to look sophisticated, you’re better off showing less skin. It’s not that you have to be completely modest and cover yourself head to toe, but, if you wanna be a little revealing while still remaining classy, it’s better to choose one thing to show off. Some women might wear strapless dresses to a ball, but they’re probably gonna be floor-length gowns so they don’t have their legs out at the same time. See? Sophisticated and elegant! 

Diamonds and Pearls – Sometimes making your outfit classy is all about the accessorising. The right pair of sunglasses or a leather handbag can totally make all the difference. When it comes to jewellery, diamonds and pearls *subtle tribute to Prince there, see?* are two things that will NEVER EVER fail. Well, that might be a bit of an exaggeration. It is possible to get it a bit wrong, especially with diamonds (or diamond look-a-likes). If you go overboard, you’ll tip past that classy point and fall into tacky territory. Whether you choose pearl drops or diamonds, some small and subtle pieces are all you need. A pair of stud earrings with either diamonds or pearls always looks pretty darn neat.

Replace the Detailing on Your Clothes – Even if your clothes are cheap, you can make them look more sophisticated. Sometimes all it takes is changing the small details. For example, many cheaper items have low-quality buttons that aren’t sewn on very well. If you want to improve them, you should get some new or vintage buttons and use your very best sewing skills. Altering small details like these is easy, and it won’t cost you much.

Invest in the Right Pieces – If you have a limited budget for clothes, knowing how to spend it is essential. It’s important to invest in the pieces that will last so you don’t waste your money. For example, if you’re going to wear a pair of shoes every day, a cheap pair is probably not going to last as long as a more expensive one, but, if you can get something that looks exactly the same as a more expensive version, you’ll look just as classy.

A small change to your outfit can make it immediately more sophisticated. Even if you’re short on cash, you can still look super smart. 

That Couture Is So Darn Haute

Oh my. Sigh. So. Much. Pretty. The Haute Couture shows have just wrapped in Paris and, goodness me, did they DAZZLE!! As a gal who adores and sells dresses, I love couture shows as they are pretty much ALL about dresses! Statement, amazing, spec-bloomin-tacular, dresses! I spent some time swooning through the images of the shows and, not surprisingly, my regular favourites came up as the ones which made my heart beat the fastest, jeeez, these guys really know how to create beauty! Here’s my favourite dresses from my three top designers…

Giambattista Valli

Those who read my blog regularly will be familiar with the fact that this man’s stuff makes my knees wobble. I mean, seriously. He designs this perfect blend of cuteness and femininity and adds a big ole’ spoonful of quirkiness. I adore that it looks almost like he starts with a really classic structure and then throws a load of unexpectedness at it to give it a harder edge, he overloads and exaggerates ideas. And, the frothy gowns in the last two images…. TOTES my dream wedding dresses!ABCDE

Zuhair Murad

I reeeeally like this guys stuff. I first fell in love with his designs after seeing them on Kristen Stewart, they had just the right dose of femininity mixed with sass for her. I adore the delicacy and the colours here, stunning structures too. I do like a dress that makes you gasp in awe, and he always manages that. I really like the styling of the hard metal belts with the softness of the dresses too.


Ralph and Russo

Ok, so these two talented people have had my heart for a while, but this season they REALLY floored me. This, is fashion perfection. The first British design house to be asked to show in Paris Haute Couture shows for over a century, it’s obvious their skills are pretty special. The set, the theme of an Ethereal Garden, the pastel paradise; everything was as good as it gets. They had a brilliant arrangement of textures and fabrics, and the details and silhouettes; I can hardly bear the brilliance. This dreamy pastel, sequin and feather fantasia had echoes of the styling in the TV show Scream Queens, so we just know that this look is gonna be ALL over the high streets. I have barely ever seen a collection as beautiful as this. Literally stunning.KLMNO