Women In The Office; Fashion Tips To Make An Impact

You already know how to get the vintage fashion look. It’s time to bring yourself into this century. We all know how high-pressure office life can be, eeesh, BUSY! Getting the right look for work can make or break your reputation. You want to ensure that you’re wearing an outfit that makes the most impact. Whether you’re aiming for the look of a high flying sassy business woman or shy and prim receptionist, this guide to office fashion is hopefully gonna help you a heap load!

KEEP IT SMART – So, remember you’re at work. The smarter you look, the more seriously people are going to take you. It can be hard to be stylish and smart at the same time, but that’s the look you need to achieve, and you can totally do it. Having some staple blazers to return to is essential, I LOVE blazers. The decision between pencil skirts and trousers is also important. Your choice will show your colleagues a lot about the type of gal you are! 

THE RIGHT SHOES – Equally important are the shoes you wear. It can be difficult to decide between high heels and flats, but it’s a decision you will have to make from the off. If you want people to take you seriously, heels are likely to get you heard. You will tower over your colleagues. Exaggerating your presence can only be a good thing if you’re aiming for the top. If you’re after the retiring receptionist role, flats are the better option, aaand, lets not forget, they’re a lot more comfortable!

THE RIGHT ACCESSORIES – It’s not just the outfit you’re going to need to consider. Accessories are crucial too. Getting the right bag is just a must. You’re going to want bags that can go with most outfits, so brown and colours are always good. It’s also pretty good to own a staple black and a standard white bag. That way, you know you’ll always have something that matches. Think about your jewellery as well. Black Starr Frost watches are sure to get you taken seriously, they shriek of a strong together woman. It might also be worth investing in some staple necklaces. That little bit of glamour will come in handy when you’re feeling uninspired by your office wear. Just because you’re dressing smart, doesn’t mean your outfit has to be boring; heck no!

HAIRSTYLE – Finally, consider your hairstyle. Wearing your hair down is great sometimes, but it’s best to mix things up a little, and it’s more fun for you that way too. A tight donut is often a good choice for the office. It’s a smart, classic, fast style that is sure to stay in without any fuss and leave you looking professional. Off the face, hairstyles are an excellent choice. They reveal your face and help build trust with clients. If your eyes are hiding behind a fringe, they’re going to be a lot less likely to put their money in your hands. Stay conscious that you’re not going to have hours to fix your hair each morning, either. You don’t want to wake up at the crack of dawn every day to try and tackle hair pins. Choose a few staples and practice them before hand. Girl, you gonna look DA BUSINESS! 

Five Products Every Girl Needs For Glossy Hair

Bad hair days are rubbish, we ALL get them, right? Some days, my hair looks just kinda limp and lacklustre and there just ain’t no way to make it look pretty. And, when my hair looks sad, I feel sad, which makes it all the more rubbish! But, I think, from years of playing around with what works best, I’ve now worked out exactly which products I need to keep my hair in oh-so-lovely condition, hurrah! Whether your hair is naturally dry or a bit on the greasy side, you’ll be able to find brands of all these products that are just right for you, so, everyone can have a fab hair day, every single day! Ready to pamper your locks? Here’s are the five products I think we all need in our bathrooms…..

Shampoo. Whatever your hair type, you’ll need to keep it clean, obvs. If you have oily hair, like mine, you’ll only need to wash it a couple of times a week. For dryer hair, you might wanna up this to every other day. It’s great to figure out how many washes your hair needs, as too few or too many times a week could be damaging it.

Leave-in conditioner. Now, don’t confuse leave-in conditioner with the stuff you use to condition your hair in the bath. All hair types need the former while only some are suited to wet conditioning. Just like with shampoo, some hair types will need this applied more than others through the week. Everyone will benefit from applying it at least once a week, though, I adore doing it!

Heat protectant spray. This is a biggie, possibly the most important hair product you’ll ever own! I would say, don’t ever attempt to straighten or curl your hair without spraying some heat protectant. Otherwise, your hair will dry out and get split ends, waaaah, sad face. Even if you are only blow-drying for a few minutes, you still need to spritz some of this wonder spray on your head to keep your hair looking lush!

Dry Shampoo. One of the best things about dry shampoos is that they often come in compact bottles, so you can pop it in your handbag and take it with you when you’re out and about. I’ve recently and finally become a big fan of this stuff! You can always put an end to any unwanted greasy roots wherever you may be! Don’t forget that dry shampoo isn’t a replacement for the regular stuff you use in the shower though, otherwise your hair sure won’t be looking it’s best! For maximum results, use it to help your freshly shampooed hair go longer in between washes, and, as a fab root booster for a 60’s kinda look. As it’s dry, you can spray it on your hair without worrying about messing up your dress!

Boar bristle brush. If you don’t like styling your hair with gels, waxes or sprays, then you need a boar bristle brush. These handy little wonders help you create great styles without any products. Not sure which style to go for? Try this diy rose bun hair tutorial, super cute, and pretty easy! Not only do these handy tools cut the need for styling products, but they also reduce and frizz and static, and, they also improve the texture of your locks, sah-weeet! There’s only one limitation with the boar bristle brush – you can’t use it on wet hair. To detangle hair straight out of the shower, use a comb to prevent any damage.

There you go! – now you can say goodbye to bad hair days for good, yaaaay!