Pretty, Pretty Pictures


So, we ALL love Instagram right? Surely? I totes adore it! So much more pretty than all the other social media streams, and it feels more instant and more satisfying than all the others; no pesky links to click on to reach an article, no faff, just simply things to look at! And you get a real sense of a person from seeing what their eyes see, what they choose to share with you. I have my own Instagram, which I use for this blog; showing my home life, days out, cats and all the little things that make my eyes happy, and now, I FINALLY set one up for my online shop Prim! Oooof! Really don’t know what took me so darn long! It’s the perfect place for you to see regular and easy updates on newly added vintage stock, close-up details of special items, and, some plainly gratuitous inspiration in the form of my favorite vintage dress wearers, my famous muses looking brilliant in vintage dresses…. I mean, it’s just gonna be a plethora, a delight of vintage dresses! Please do join me there and I’ll follow you back! Let’s share pretty pictures!

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