How To Organise A Dazzling Dinner Party

I’m at the age where a night out in the clubs is no longer my kinda thing, I like to have friends round for food and drinks, I guess I’m becoming a proper grown up! Having a dinner party can be a brilliant occasion for all involved, apart from the host. The host will be stressed out over the tiny details from the minute they announce it and invite guests, until the moment, the last sip of wine has been drunk. Only then will they allow themselves to think about the lovely evening they created. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. You really can organise an ace dinner party without getting too overwhelmed by it all. Here’s some of my tips to help you….

Know your guest list as soon as possible – The first thing you need to know is who is coming and how many people are there. This will help you plan for every other detail of your dinner party. It’s also essential to know who is coming so you can accommodate for vegetarians, allergies and lifestyle diet choices. Knowing your guest list enables you to plan a menu and the evening’s proceedings beforehand. The more you plan, the better prepared you are, simple. Which means you can enjoy the evening even though you’ll be spending it stressing over tiny details a little bit too.

Menu plan – Now you know who you have to come this is where the fun can begin. Menu planning is great and an essential part of your dinner party preparation. It will allow you to source the best ingredients, making things in advance and even try out the recipes before your guests arrive. Your boyfriend will be sick of eating the same meal by the time you’ve practiced and perfected it. It’ll allow you to work out the timings as well. This means you can relax a little knowing everything is on hand for the big night.

Think of the drinks you serve as well as the food – Of course, it isn’t just about the food you serve but also the drinks you provide. Wine choices and other options are just as important. They need to go with the food you are serving as well as be delightful for your guests. This is where websites like can come in handy. The drinks you serve can bring out flavours in your meals so don’t make any rushed decisions and do some research. Your guests will notice the difference.

Do you have a theme in mind? – Is your dinner party for a particular occasion? Is there a theme? Make sure whatever you decide the theme stands out. This can be through decoration or the meals you serve. Perhaps it is for a special occasion like a birthday or leaving party.

Decoration is a real nice touch – Decorating the room you are hosting your dinner party in, can be a nice touch for your guest. You should also think about how your table is set and consider getting a floral arrangement from a florist, or, think of cool ways to show off the food, like they did in the 70’s, that’s a good talking point! This is the perfect opportunity to use your best glasses, plates and table decorations, your friends will love it! 

I hope this helps a little in helping you to organise a dreamy dinner party very soon!


Penny Slots Can Add Real Vintage Style To Your Home

If you think back to when you were teeny, when everything seemed magical, you may daydream back to brilliant British seaside memories, like I do. And, some of the likely images which sit most strong in your mind – along with the sea and the sand – were those moments when you were let loose at the arcade; free to spend your holiday pennies on pinball games, fortune-telling machines, penny slots and penny pusher falls, and to buy candy floss and ice-cream on the promenade. Ooof, bliss. Pre-decimalisation, a £1 note could be exchanged for 240 whole old pennies, yup, that’s a LOT of entertainment time in the arcade.

Today, if you want to play those kinds of games there’s no need to travel to an arcade. The easiest way to play is to go online and play at a casino or gaming site where you can still play for pennies at a time or even just for fun in demo mode. And, the sophistication of the games that can be played online make the old-fashioned games seem really primitive in comparison. Slots are a great example. There are hundreds of ace games to choose from; each with their own special features and bonus levels, it’s an extremely fun way to play. Take a look at the online slots available online at bgo, the choice is just huge; from superhero and fantasy themed games through to others that tie-in with TV shows such as Deal or No Deal and the X-Factor, so kitsch and cute.

As well as giving players a huge range of games to play all on one site via one account, most gaming sites offer new player a cash incentive. At bgo, new account holders also get 180 free spins on the game Starburst – an intergalactic slot whose reels feature gemstones – and can benefit from belonging to the site’s loyalty program which gives them access to special events on the site. At River Belle casino there are free slots tournaments to join and Royal Panda has a hot and cold slots feature page which tells you which games have paid out the most frequently in recent times. Of course, there’s no guarantee of a win though, as every spin of every game is unique and decided by random number generator algorithms.

But, classic vintage slots aren’t really about the gameplay; they ARE ALL about the look.

Regardless of how simple the vintage slots and other penny arcade games are in comparison to what you can play online today, the old machines haven’t lost their charm, and that’s mainly down to their design and style. While you might have trouble fitting a pinball machine or penny pusher falls into the average home, if you wanted to add some kitsch vintage entertainment and décor, one of the classic penny slot machines would look great on a side-table or on a spare bit of the kitchen worktop, there’s some totally beautiful ones out there.

Today you can buy vintage slot machines really easily on sites like ebay and gumtree. There are sites that specialise in vintage machines too, so much prettiness, but you’re more likely to get a bargain just buying from an individual seller, you just gotta do your research and choose your favourite find. It also depends whether you want a working model or not – obviously the games that no longer function are usually cheaper, but a bit less fun!


Vintage slots machines will often require old vintage pennies to work, so if you’re going to buy one, stock up on a supply of old pennies to keep feeding it with. While today’s slots online could win you a fortune, the old-fashioned games weren’t really about big prizes – it was about landing the right combination of symbols to get back the pennies you’d already paid in. Even if you landed a big win, it never amounted to that much, but it was always a whole heap of fun hitting the jackpot…HURRAH!

Springtime is on the way

the prim girlYeeep-yeep! The first few peekaboo signs that spring is coming have made me a happy girl. Happy enough that I managed to get out into a patch of sun to shoot my new dress. Not quite ready to break out the summery colours yet but, twas indeed a treat to get the sun on my skin and see a few flowers showing the top of their heads in the soil!

the prim girl

the prim girlthe prim girlthe prim girlthe prim girlthe prim girl


  • Dress-OC at Urban Outfitters
  • Boots- Aldo (2006)
  • Bag- Vintage
  • Nail Varnish- ‘Purple Ash’ by Models Own at Boots

Edinburgh to say Goodbye


Last week we headed up to Edinburgh for a family farewell. My very dear Grandfather passed away at the good ole’ age of 90 and we made sure to give him a great send off. The most polite, smartly dressed and charming man I have ever known, he was a pure honour to have as a Gramps. Always with long stories to tell and a bigger social circle than many people half his age, Bobby Simpson was just brilliant. I shall endeavour to pay tribute with a blog post dedicated just to him. But for now I have to adjust to the fact that he is no longer here.

I absolutely adore Edinburgh, having visited it often all my life to see family, it is a city that has totally captured my heart. Such a damn handsome place and with a great sense of vitality, I just kinda wish it wasn’t so cold and gusty there! James and I stayed in a cute apartment and explored the cobbled streets together, which was just ace seeing as we never get time off together. We ate breakfast both days in Earthy which I love and the food was heavenly. We also popped to the glorious Harvey Nichols for a peek and to stock up on my Chanel make-up.

Edinburgh, a grand city indeed; a perfect place to say farewell to my Gramps.


EarthyEarthyEarthyEarthyEarthyCard for flowersEarthyJames in Harvey NicholsMenswear department in Harvey NicholsGucci holdallJamesEdinburghCake stopThe Dome restaurant


Me; jumper- Topshop, jeans- SassandBide, coat- Mango
icon, boots, bag and scarf-Prim Vintage Fashion, sunglasses- Ray Ban. James; coat-Prim Vintage Fashion, jeans- Edwin, boots-Ralph Lauren.

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