The Perfect 1930’s Fashion of Woody Allen’s Cafe Society


If movies were beverages, Woody Allen’s Cafe Society would be a cool glass of smooth Champagne; sparkling and decadent. A beautifully enchanting and bittersweet film, set in 1930’s Hollywood and New York. This latest Allen offering has his usual perfectly paced wit and charm, with Jesse Eisenberg captivating in his lead role, particularly personifying a younger Allen, a modern embodiment of the man himself with his faultless delivery of the dialogue and eager awkwardness. The film has a gorgeous, subtle and easy pace alongside the scintillating quickness of the script. Blake Lively and Kristen Stewart are the fashion in this film, gah, what era is more cinematically superb than the 1930’s? This is a feast of fashion indeed.

Floaty, feminine fabrics, dainty and fragile details, the 30’s clothes in this movie are so expertly selected, with pastels and ditzy florals in abundance for day wear and jaw dropping glamour when it comes to the evening wear. We’re watching the Bette Davis era, the elegance and sophistication is magnified and each outfit creates heart-shaped eyes for the viewer. Frilled cape sleeves, floppy neck ties, slim lines and below the knee hemlines conjure up a time when fashion was neat and beautifully effeminate. On a fashion note alone, this stunning film is worth watching just for the red silk gown worn by Lively, which in my opinion easily rivals that green dress worn by Keira Knightley in the film Atonement. Oh my.

You’ll come away from this movie with the 30’s on your mind, eager to add some of that look to your wardrobe, trust me, you really will. You’ll want sherbet colours, delicate details and prim gloves, you’ll be inspired to add a bias cut to your repertoire – which is flattering for every shape – you’ll want a neat short curled bob in your hair and a beaded bag on your arm. The day wear is cute and accessible and the evening wear is pure luxury on your skin, be it crepe or silk, no gal can feel unnoticed in a 30’s gown. Scour sites like Etsy for originals and replicas, or seek out online vintage fashion stores like mine which have done the hard work for you and have found the best pieces. To wear authentic items can be a pricey affair, but these pieces are a true investment with their value constantly on the rise, they’re an excellent addition to any collection, plus if you take the time to search you can find amazing items at fair prices or you can simply invest in some accessories of the era to add to your modern look, giving a discreet nod to this perfect period.

Cafe Society is available to own on DVD, Blu-Ray and digital download from 26th December 2016, courtesy of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, and I defy you to watch it and not be inspired to dress and dream as though you are living in the utter delight of the decade. Swoon.


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The Magic of Old Dresses

Fashion from the past is forever finding a way back into our modern lives, becoming valid once more to a new audience. Fashion in the 1920’s was a frivolous and whimsical affair reflecting society’s feelings of liberation once war had ended. So it’s perhaps perfectly fitting that as the weight of the recession seems to lift, we see the release of the brand new Woody Allen film, Magic in the Moonlight, set in the 1920’s; making us all fall slap-bang in love with the care-free and relaxed fashion of this era to match our new found hope.


I defy any girl not to fall under the spell of the adorably dressed Emma Stone in this charmed film. Magic in the Moonlight refreshingly focuses on the day wear of the 20’s more than the typically favoured Flapper evening dresses, making this enchanting look a much more wearable option for us today. Delicate fabrics, dainty detail and loose shapes, all provide a beautifully simple new silhouette, gone were the corsets and rigid underskirts, replaced with a light hearted weightlessness and freedom of movement in unstructured shapes. Petite boyish collars, soft muted colours, dropped waists and elegant mid-calf lengths are the leading elements to this look. Day wear had a delightful androgyny to it then, women wore adapted men’s suits and sailors jackets; a trend Coco Chanel inspired.

Fashion always has a way of reflecting the current attitude of society and the casual grace and ease of Emma Stone’s character in this film will have us all wishing for an easy-going, relaxed style; this enchanting film will inspire the 1920’s girl in us all!

Getting the look of this era whether you’re wanting the original thing or a modern interpretation is a perfect way to dress heading into the new season. Designers and the high street are endlessly looking to this era for inspiration, with many dresses and separates superbly supplying you with an up-to-date take on the look. When it comes to the real vintage version, the dreamy day wear is a more attainable option than original Flapper dresses. Look for dresses, blouses and skirts with an effortless nostalgic tone, a good vintage find of this age is always adorable and a great collectors piece. The more notorious evening dresses from those days are becoming a rare treat to find, dresses embellished with sequins made of wax quite often had the print of a hand melted onto the waist from a dance partners hold, and the fragile silks have commonly become torn and tatty from the weight of their decorative glass beads; a heartbreaking shame for those of us who covet dresses from those days but a cute testament to the celebratory and spontaneous joy that was felt at the time, surely a brilliant way for fashion to show how we live our lives!

Get the look….

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1920’s red cotton day dress from Prim Vintage Fashion, £165

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1920’s cream cotton day dress from Prim Vintage Fashion, £165

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Crepe pansy dress from Prim Vintage Fashion, £145

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Beaded 1920’s Flapper dress from Prim Vintage Fashion, £265

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1920’s purple silk evening dress from Prim Vintage Fashion, £245

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Peach 20’s style dress from Cos, £79

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Satin & wool 1920’s style dress from Miu-Miu, £1470