Be still my beating heart.

Yeah, I know, London Fashion Week was a coupla weeks ago now, but, I’m kinda still in the honeymoon phase of it all. Because not only did I have an exceptionally ace time over the 4 busy days, I also kinda fell in love. Yup, I fell slap bang, head over heels, heart thumpingly in love with the fashion of David Ferreira. I am totally love sick. I reviewed this dazzling show in detail for PlusMinus magazine┬ábut, seeing as (like a love-struck schoolgirl and her heart-throb crush) I can’t stop thinking about it, I wanted to share my love over here too. And, it gives me the sweet excuse of filling my blog with images of all the looks from the collection. Preeeetty! Now, I loved everything about London Fashion Week, truly, even the cold and hangry moments, because the fun and fast pace of it all keeps you thrilled, but, something about the David Ferreira show made it stand out as THE best part of the entire week for me. I didn’t know what to expect from Ferreira, I was a complete virgin to his work so had no clue what was about to hit me. We got reeeally great close-up seats for this show and as soon as the first model came out, boom, my heart picked up the pace and I was giddy with awe! I was fizzy with glee for the whole show, each model showcasing another outfit which made my knees go weak, I mean, wowzers, would ya look at the colours here, not only are they a mix of my faaavourite brights, but heck, they just come up and smack you in the face with their bold lushness. Like a party popper in the face. Ferreira’s designs blur perfectly the line between art and fashion, the theatricality of it all is sublime and, I dunno, I’m still new to fashion shows but I think really, when I see a runway show I wanna be overwhelmed by the sight of it all. I can look at pretty dresses, sure that’s nice, but I kinda wanna be blown away, and Ferreira achieved that fully. This AW17 collection was titled ‘The Freakball’ taking inspo from old freak shows and circus acts, celebrating uniqueness and confidence in being your own true self. These designs aren’t all totally wearable to the average gal, I get that, but loooook at the structure and shape, and the COLOURS!!! Goodness, I cannot stop looking! The dresses I would TOTALLY wear are the two long bias cut 30’s style ones, they are pure bliss. And, if I had an event, well heck yes I’d throw on the pink tulle number. And, ya know what? I reckon I’d feel a billion damn bucks in it too. Oh man, Ferreira is now my full on fashion crush and I cannot wait to see what he brings next season.

I, am super smitten.






















Photos by Simon Armstrong, by kind courtesy of Forward PR

That Couture Is So Darn Haute

Oh my. Sigh. So. Much. Pretty. The Haute Couture shows have just wrapped in Paris and, goodness me, did they DAZZLE!! As a gal who adores and sells dresses, I love couture shows as they are pretty much ALL about dresses! Statement, amazing, spec-bloomin-tacular, dresses! I spent some time swooning through the images of the shows and, not surprisingly, my regular favourites came up as the ones which made my heart beat the fastest, jeeez, these guys really know how to create beauty! Here’s my favourite dresses from my three top designers…

Giambattista Valli

Those who read my blog regularly will be familiar with the fact that this man’s stuff makes my knees wobble. I mean, seriously. He designs this perfect blend of cuteness and femininity and adds a big ole’ spoonful of quirkiness. I adore that it looks almost like he starts with a really classic structure and then throws a load of unexpectedness at it to give it a harder edge, he overloads and exaggerates ideas. And, the frothy gowns in the last two images…. TOTES my dream wedding dresses!ABCDE

Zuhair Murad

I reeeeally like this guys stuff. I first fell in love with his designs after seeing them on Kristen Stewart, they had just the right dose of femininity mixed with sass for her. I adore the delicacy and the colours here, stunning structures too. I do like a dress that makes you gasp in awe, and he always manages that. I really like the styling of the hard metal belts with the softness of the dresses too.


Ralph and Russo

Ok, so these two talented people have had my heart for a while, but this season they REALLY floored me. This, is fashion perfection. The first British design house to be asked to show in Paris Haute Couture shows for over a century, it’s obvious their skills are pretty special. The set, the theme of an Ethereal Garden, the pastel paradise; everything was as good as it gets. They had a brilliant arrangement of textures and fabrics, and the details and silhouettes; I can hardly bear the brilliance. This dreamy pastel, sequin and feather fantasia had echoes of the styling in the TV show Scream Queens, so we just know that this look is gonna be ALL over the high streets. I have barely ever seen a collection as beautiful as this. Literally stunning.KLMNO

The Call of Couture

If you’re a fashion loving gal, then chances are you swoon quite measurably over the very idea of Couture. I know I do, it fascinates me, totally. It’s where the heart of designer fashion beats, it’s where the real intricacies of detail and embellishment, the structure and shape of fashion is laboured over and given no restraints. Having been a girl who gazes longingly at all Couture, both modern and vintage, I have written about it before, but the recent Couture week in Paris made my heart swell all over again, heck, I was crushing hard on so many dresses!!

So, Couture, or Haute Couture by it’s proper name is pretty darn special; the best of the best, we all know that right? But what exactly is it that makes something Couture? Does it just┬ámean made-to-measure and very, very expensive? Well, it is both those things, and more. With garments costing tens of thousands of pounds just for a day dress, it’s a craft that most of us will only ever dream of owning, but, in order for an item to be considered Couture, it has to adhere to three strict rules, rules set out by the French Ministry of Industry. To be truly Couture, the designer has to firstly offer personal fittings to private clients, so it really is absolutely made to measure, and the designer also has to have a full-time workshop in Paris, and show two collections a year; only then do they get Couture credentials! Anyway, enough of the official stuff, it’s basically all about amazing dresses, and here’s a selection of my favourites; from Chanel, Ulyana Sergeenko, Valentino, Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier and Giambatista Valli.

Oh. My. Word. Utter beauty.
ChanelUlyanaValentinoDiorJPGGiambatistaThere’s a whole lotta pink dresses in my selection….I think a pink dress must be my most cherished look ever! I totally adored how Jean Paul Gaultier had both older and bigger-than-your-regular-catwalk-model ladies in his show; brilliant and very important. And, Naomi Campbell looked absolutely sensational in his show, what an ageless gal!jpg

Yep, it doesn’t get much prettier than this, Couture is very, very cool.