The Wisdom of WRDSMTH


Now, I am an official lover of words. I talk lots of words, write lots of words and think lots of words. I’m a kinda wordy girl. I am also a known lover of street art and probably my most favourite street art is when it uses words. Phrases, sayings, messages; I love them, I seek them out deliberately. I adore how cities and towns can have words physically written on them, tattooed onto walls and buildings. How brilliant it is when an artist has felt so compelled to say something that they write it big, spray it large, shout it out for others to read, there’s a gorgeous passion and sincerity there. Like little modern love letters publicly proclaimed, there’s an intimacy with the artist and the reader each time it’s read. Words on a wall can provide a smile, a pick-me-up or a quiet confirmation to you in a crowded and uncommunicative city. So, when I started seeing the work of LA based street artist and writer WRDSMTH pop up in places I just fell loopy in love with his work. And, I mean, he uses an old typewriter font too – which I OBVS love as this font has been my business branding waaay before it was cool  for the last 10 years – so, when you add up all the parts of this guys work…it totals something that seriously gives me heart eyes. Born in Ohio, WRDSMTH gave up his day job to move to LA and make his dreams real, to become a Writer, and he did it, he writes. He is a scriptwriter and a published Author. He took up his moniker and began putting words on the street to get him away from his computer screen whilst still using his passion with words. He’s pretty much anonymous as are so many street artists, and his signature style uses a screen print of an old typewriter and then words on a page wheat-pasted onto the wall. He leaves his mark in cities he visits and although most of his work is in LA, he has words in Philadelphia, Paris, Vegas, San Francisco and London.  His words are beautiful. Inspiring, positive, reassuring, gentle, and sincere. I adore everything he does. W3YES

















  1. WRDSMTH January 6, 2016 / 1:39 pm

    thanks prim — love your wrds

    • theprimgirl January 6, 2016 / 2:52 pm

      Extremely happy that you read my post, THNKS so much! Keep up the good WRDS! xx

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