Johnny be mine….

A somewhat nostalgic pictorial post today, an ode to possibly the coolest guy on Earth and his ridiculously beautiful girlfriends……alas, news has broken today that Johnny Depp and his girl of 14 years, Vanessa Paradis, are no more. Johnny is pretty much as good as it gets when it comes to handsome men, and obviously, the women in his life are equally stunning. My gosh was there ever a couple as enchanting to the eyes as him and Miss Moss, and of course Miss Winona Ryder is as gorgeous as the man himself. I figured him and Vanessa were as close to a perfect match as you can get, but hey, nothing can be promised as forever and permanence is a rare and less expected thing in love these days…….whoever he is sharing his kissing time with, at least we can oooh and ahhh at the sheer beauty of it all……




….so Johnny is now a single man…..oh.






  1. Kim~whatpeggysaid June 21, 2012 / 4:21 pm

    I can’t believe how young Kate Moss looks in those early pictures. Johnny Depp really is a handsome fellow.xx

    • theprimgirl June 21, 2012 / 9:00 pm

      I know, Kate looks sooo young….their gorgeousness combined is almost too much to bear!! xx

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