The Things I Work With

Things I work with

I’m a lucky girl. Lucky because I get to work with and be surrounded by things that I love. Running my vintage fashion shop is a pretty great way to earn my pounds, but the actual shop is just a small portion of what goes into selling clothes. James is pretty much the salesman, he runs the shop most days, and very good he is at it too, he simply excels. I am behind the scenes, and there sure is a whole heap of stuff behind there. My role is to source the stock and then prepare it for the store. Prepping generally involves me being at home, out at the back of our house we have a garage which has been converted into my work space, it’s pretty cold in there but I have everything I need and my cats can visit all day long too, super! I take each item and wash it, whether it be by hand or in the machine and then I steam and iron it and do any fixings and repairs that it may need, making sure it’s in a tip-top shape for being sold. Each and every day I fall in love with an item, most usually a dress. I become amazed at the beauty of it and the detail it contains. I adore looking at old hand stitched seams, explicit tailoring, intricate detail and embroidery that would have taken a whole heap of love to create, it fascinates me all of the time.

My weeks are full and I love that fact. I do sourcing and prep work a few days a week, other days I blog, do admin, go to London, meet friends, oh and a couple of days a week I get myself to the shop to merchandise, clean and tidy and be the most sales-girly I can be. Running Prim involves more work than I have ever known and the stress of owning a shop can grind a girl down, but, in my heart I know that I would take this over an office job any day.

Things I work with

Things I wok with

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Things I work with


  1. key to my work space
  2. the Prim archives under wraps
  3. a mug of green tea, always
  4. boxes of dresses waiting to be prepped
  5. loving the fact I can put posters up like when I was a teen
  6. Kate on my wall
  7. more posters and my old radio
  8. ironing pile
  9. lace 1950’s Wendy dress
  10. steaming the dress
  11. beautiful
  12. sewing box
  13. original old zips to replace broken ones
  14. steaming a 1930’s lace and crepe gown
  15. keeping me company…and his own tail warm!
  16. steaming a Quant waistcoat
  17. amazing detail on this 50’s Heiress dress
  18. love the old hand stitching I discover in the seams

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