Victorian Fashion for Today

The early 1800’s represented a quintessential era in Victorian dresses and fashion. These vintage party dresses not only reflected the elegant silhouette of a women’s body but they also showed off the amount of wealth and class that particular women and her family had. The Victorian era revolved around extravagant and flashy clothing compared to years prior. During the Victorian era, a women’s place was at home, not like in previous years when women were able to help their husband’s at work or in the fields. Also during the Victorian era is when sewing machines and the ability to mass-produce clothing started booming. The booming clothing business ultimately lead to the extravagant vintage party dresses worn by females during the Victorian era.

In today‚Äôs world of fashion, the Victorian era and its fashion is totally, not dead. Victorian dresses are still worn in today’s fashion industry just in a slightly different way. One main area to look at, if you’re looking for the Victorian look in fashion, is wedding dresses. The idea of a large, white dress was actually inspired by Queen Victoria herself, the Queen of Victorian fashion. Wedding dresses today have beautiful necklines showing off the collar bones, which was a popular trend back in the 1800’s, also wedding dresses often have trains and long trails, another popular trend that owes its ancestry to the 1800’s.

The Victorian style also has its place in everyday fashion. When considering the three main elements of Victorian fashion it is important to consider:

* Lace

* Heirloom Styling

* Lush Fabrics

If a piece of clothing has at least one of these three elements, one can almost guarantee that it was Victorian inspired by the designer. Another large trend that was popular back in the Victorian era was corsets, and surely you are aware that corsets have made a huge comeback in recent years as girls strive to have the best bodies possible. Corsets are sewn right into dresses and shirts and are not often separate pieces like they were back in the 1800’s.

Next time you’re out shopping, keep your eyes peeled for some of these details that you now know were inspired over one hundred years ago back in Queen Victoria’s day! The Victorian style is not just for women dressed to the nines with lavish dresses and perfect bell-shaped bodies with feather hats, but also for everyday wear. Simple touches, such as lace or ruffles are trends inspired by the 1800’s, now isn’t that a fun fact!