Women In The Office; Fashion Tips To Make An Impact

You already know how to get the vintage fashion look. It’s time to bring yourself into this century. We all know how high-pressure office life can be, eeesh, BUSY! Getting the right look for work can make or break your reputation. You want to ensure that you’re wearing an outfit that makes the most impact. Whether you’re aiming for the look of a high flying sassy business woman or shy and prim receptionist, this guide to office fashion is hopefully gonna help you a heap load!

KEEP IT SMART – So, remember you’re at work. The smarter you look, the more seriously people are going to take you. It can be hard to be stylish and smart at the same time, but that’s the look you need to achieve, and you can totally do it. Having some staple blazers to return to is essential, I LOVE blazers. The decision between pencil skirts and trousers is also important. Your choice will show your colleagues a lot about the type of gal you are! 

THE RIGHT SHOES – Equally important are the shoes you wear. It can be difficult to decide between high heels and flats, but it’s a decision you will have to make from the off. If you want people to take you seriously, heels are likely to get you heard. You will tower over your colleagues. Exaggerating your presence can only be a good thing if you’re aiming for the top. If you’re after the retiring receptionist role, flats are the better option, aaand, lets not forget, they’re a lot more comfortable!

THE RIGHT ACCESSORIES – It’s not just the outfit you’re going to need to consider. Accessories are crucial too. Getting the right bag is just a must. You’re going to want bags that can go with most outfits, so brown and colours are always good. It’s also pretty good to own a staple black and a standard white bag. That way, you know you’ll always have something that matches. Think about your jewellery as well. Black Starr Frost watches are sure to get you taken seriously, they shriek of a strong together woman. It might also be worth investing in some staple necklaces. That little bit of glamour will come in handy when you’re feeling uninspired by your office wear. Just because you’re dressing smart, doesn’t mean your outfit has to be boring; heck no!

HAIRSTYLE – Finally, consider your hairstyle. Wearing your hair down is great sometimes, but it’s best to mix things up a little, and it’s more fun for you that way too. A tight donut is often a good choice for the office. It’s a smart, classic, fast style that is sure to stay in without any fuss and leave you looking professional. Off the face, hairstyles are an excellent choice. They reveal your face and help build trust with clients. If your eyes are hiding behind a fringe, they’re going to be a lot less likely to put their money in your hands. Stay conscious that you’re not going to have hours to fix your hair each morning, either. You don’t want to wake up at the crack of dawn every day to try and tackle hair pins. Choose a few staples and practice them before hand. Girl, you gonna look DA BUSINESS! 

Brave New World

bl1So, we’ve been without the actual physical shop for just over a month, although it kinda feels like forever already. Very strange to have a less rigid structure to each day, and to have Saturdays off, what a novelty! Not to suggest that I’ve been having a break, ooh no, that would be way too simple. Emptying out the shop and getting the online shop set up has taken up all of my time and, I’m so glad that the online shop is now alive! Obviously it’s exciting as it’s the start of brand new chapter, but my goodness it’s scary and overwhelming. There’s so many differences to being online than having a bricks and mortar shop, some good, some not so much. It’s gonna take a long time and much marketing, learning of new skills and blowing of my own trumpet to let people know I am here, but I shall endeavour, and so far, so good. I have a damn nice office so that makes it an easier transition, James re-purposed all the glass and chrome shelving from the shop fittings so I have floor to ceiling shelves as well as the trusty Prim wicker chair that many a customer has sat in over the years – it’s now for my cat to sit on and keep me company. I have my Slim Aarons print above my desk and of course Miss Moss pouts her pretty gaze towards me all day long from the wall. The online shop is still in it’s infancy and the site will only get better with heaps more categories and teeny tweaks to make it a perfect shopping experience for you. I kinda like my new role, I kinda love it here, let’s hope that the new wonderful world of Prim means I can make it a permanent position.






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