The Anonymous Portraits

I think I have found myself a new favourite photographer. I adore candid street photography that captures gritty realism of life and the World, I like the honesty and bluntness, mixed often, with humour and irony. I was at The Saatchi Gallery the other week visiting the Chanel exhibition, and I passed through one of the other exhibitions whilst there. I immediately fell in love with the work of Katy Grannan.

American portrait photographer, Grannan, captures human life in the most wonderful way. This exhibition was titled ‘Boulevard’ and each portrait called simply ‘Anonymous’. Stunning over sized photos of Los Angeles and San Francisco residents, each with a life story that we see just a glimmer of through their faces. All taken in front of a raw white wall in the scorching Californian sunshine. The women particularly, in these photographs are amazing, each showing a grand mix of pride, regret, uncertainty and confidence. The cute older ladies wearing clothing and make up in their everlasting pursuit of glamour is just gorgeous. Each character is intriguing in their own right and you are left to wonder what the rest of their tale is. Here is my own pick of the brilliant collection.

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