Lucky Me, I Joined The Club

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Instagram is a very brilliant place, not only is it a never-ending orbit of pretty pictures from the whole wide world, it’s also an ace place to find out about new people and things to be a part of; and by far one of THE coolest things I’ve discovered is The Lucky Dip Club. Now, I’ve been having heart shaped eyes at this club for a long while, it’s run by a gal called Leona in Hackney and this is what happens; you get online at 7am on the first day of each month and if you’re super fast on your typing, you can get your name down for a box to be delivered to your door…a box full of the cutest treats based around a different sweet theme each month, it’s basically like finding THE BEST trinkets from creative types but without having to hunt them out…Leona finds them for you and bundles them up in a box. Then, PLOP! Through your letterbox comes a surprise present JUST FOR YOU, YES, ALL FOR MEEEE! You cannot overestimate the element of surprise, to get a present through your door and unwrap it is RIDiculously exciting, it’s like allowing yourself an extra sneaky birthday, my kitty Walter, heck, even he was buzzing too to see what was inside! This was my first box (I’m not generally awake at 7am on any morning but a sunny August morn made me hit the website JUST in time…BOY was I chuffed with myself!!) and the best thing about the Lucky Dip Club is that it makes you feel like you’re part of a very cool gang, a gang that LOVES cuteness and treats! A one-off box is £20, or you can have a long-standing subscription for £18 a month and each box contains a personalised item…Oooof it makes you feel very spesh indeed. I can’t rate this thang enough, it’s a little box of wonderfulness and you can just feel that it’s been put together with love. AND their branding has polka-dots too, just like my Prim! A real treat. Boom, I’m hooked, you wanna join the gang?

So, what was inside my box? The theme for August was ‘A Geek Girl’s Guide To Travel’ and this is the load of loveliness I received; a cute as heck newsletter, a pencil case with my initial S on the zip, a camera necklace, a pack of note-cards, stickers, a fabric patch and a postcard…..Hurrah for Lucky Dip Club!

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