Gods Own Junk Yard

Fairy lights certainly rock my world. But big neon artwork rocks it even a little bit more. The Christmas season has begun and so I met with a good friend in Covent Garden for a festive beverage. We went to Cross Keys on Endell Street, which at this time of year is quite possibly the most seasonally decorated pub in the land. Shiny, sparkly, tinsels, foils  baubles and twinkles hang from every inch of the ceiling and walls. Decorations are what I probably love most about Christmas, the world seems to become a grotto of enchantment and lit up delight. Beautiful. After a warming drink or two we headed over to Beak Street in Soho, through the neon signs of the strip joints and peep shows, that when twinned with the Christmas lights of the streets made the evening appear completely other-worldly. Then we arrived at Circus of Soho. Jeepers. A neon paradise. Cult artist Chris Bracey has a pop-up shop there until the end of January. Known as ‘The Neon Man’, Bracey has been working in neon bulb art for over 35 years using salvaged, vintage, fairground and circus signs. He rescues and resurrects these beauties that would otherwise be trashed or end up sat in a neon graveyard. His work is much followed in both London and LA, and features in art, fashion and film. This small exhibition and shop is an absolute wonderland of some of his best work. It’s totally perfect for this time of year, a must see if you adore a bit of kitsch neon, one day I shall have a piece of his work on my wall. Utterly ace.

For more information visit http://www.godsownjunkyard.co.uk