Kate, The Best British Bunny



So, my favourite, Kate Moss, was the chosen cover girl for the 60th anniversary edition of Playboy magazine. And oh my, did she well and truly rock it. It’s pretty refreshing that, for such a prestigious edition, Playboy chose a British, 39-year-old who has no surgical enhancements, a bold move for a magazine that’s as American as Cheerleaders and is renowned for young, fake tanned and fake boobed girls. Go Kate! Sealing her status as a living Icon, Kate looked as effortlessley cool and beautiful as ever, this girl just gets better with age. Albeit that good lighting, great make-up and some expert airbrushing was used here, these pictures literally leave me spellbound.

The photography and styling is stunning. Shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, this 18 page spread is absolutely their signature style. More like a fashion shoot than a glamour shoot, these images are elegant and mezmerising. The colours are divine, with lush pinks and greens and the setting of a 1950’s bedroom, a real charm to the atmosphere. The images echo other photographers whose work I love such as Ellen Von Unwerth and Hemut Newton, the black and white tights image remind me of the Craig McDean shoot she did for iD magazine back in 2002.

Some gals may think Playboy is sexist and pornographic, I have always been a fan of the kitsch idea of Playboy in the 60’s, beautiful women being celebrated in beautiful photos, the images have always been pretty tame, there has always been far far worse depictions of women out there, in comparison, this magazine is pure sophistication. Women’s bodies will always be photographed, because, they are a damn beautiful thing, whatever shape or size. Of course Playboy tends to go for a certain type of woman, which is why I think the use of Kate, with her small natural boobs and untanned, unsculpted body is brilliant. Kate has chosen to do this, most of my generation has grown up seeing her naked in fashion magazines so there is nothing shocking about these images, she carries her usual attitude and dignity and, goodness, she looks amazing.