Sweet Sanctuary

The house that James, I, and our furry friends reside in is very lovely. It’s a do-er-upper for sure. The kitchen and bathroom are like a scene from a bad 80’s sitcom and the sauna style extension on the back of the house is rather alarming, but it’s home, it’s our very first own home and so we love it! One day when we have time and money it will get nicer and way more beautiful but until then, my bedroom is my most favourite place in the house. It’s one of the only parts of the house we have been able to make nice, it’s pretty feminine by my standards, I like that about it though, and I adore hanging out in there. The silver spotted chair at my dressing table is a 1950’s chair that James lovingly reupholstered especially for me with a vintage fabric I chose…what a darling he is…the cats have scratched at it a little but it really is my most treasured item in the room! My bedroom is my big dressing up box, I have clothes all over the house and in boxes and rails in the loft but my everyday clothes are in the wardrobes, poor James, his clothes have all been demoted to the wardrobe of the spare room! I’m kinda smitten with this room, to be honest, it’s MY room really, James just happens to sleep in there with me!