Who The Prim Girl is


Hello, here is some stuff about Me, Shona Daly, this is my blog. I live in Norwich, Norfolk, UK. I moved here in 2008 after living in South West London for what seems like forever, those days were glorious, but Norwich is pretty nifty too! I relocated here as I knew it would be a pretty good place to come and open; Prim Vintage Fashion. The shop opened in the middle of 2008 and I bloomin’ loved it, and so did many others too, then in 2014 the shop closed to go online so that the whole wide World can shop with Prim!

Ping! Ping! Some bullet point type bits of info about me…

  1. The Prim Girl is me, Shona, the girl behind the shop Prim Vintage Fashion, this blog is about the shop, but it’s also about me and things I think, do, like and love…
  2. To be honest, I’m not actually prim at all, I chose that name originally for my business meaning it to be ironic, as a contradiction between the trashy, sexy 80’s stuff and the typical 50’s feminine iconic silhouette that people associate with vintage, the name also suggests a girl may look prim and proper but really is an offbeat and crazy girl underneath the facade, so really, I am The ‘not so Prim Girl’…I say things out loud that are maybe best kept quiet, I have a pretty dry sense of humour that often offends and I like a little mischief
  3. I’ve been involved in fashion since forever, I spent my childhood daydreaming into fashion magazines, glamorous ladies have always fascinated me….I know on the scale of life and death it’s irrelevant but style is what makes life more beautiful while we are here….
  4. I studied in London and got a Degree in English Literature, I just love to write and write and write and blabber on…….
  5. I studied for part of my Degree in USA, at Michigan State University, it was THE time of my life, I then took a year out and travelled throughout the USA and Australia for a year…..
  6. I also studied at London College of Fashion and got an HND in Fashion Styling and Photography…….
  7. I have worked as a waitress, shop girl, model, stylist, and visual merchandiser…but I always wanted to work for myself so started selling vintage fashion online and it took off from there……..
  8. Yoga feckin’ rocks ma world…
  9. I am a fidget who gets easily bored…..
  10. I love big cities, mostly London and New York, being in them makes firecrackers go off in my tummy, I love people watching, finding new corners in a big city, chumming with friends in the galleries, nights at the theatre, I love the Underground and Subway, I love the adventure of travelling……
  11. I miss London heaps since moving to Norfolk so I regularly skip down to London and meet friends and visit things and places to write about……I get the best of both worlds this way….
  12. I don’t do hats or earrings. I do however do dresses. On a day to day basis I’m a skinny jeans, boots and blazer gal, but, dresses fascinate me, vintage ones mostly but I don’t rule out new ones, I collect them, it’s what I stock mostly in the shop and I just adore wearing them for days which demand it….
  13. I am as insecure as the next girl, somedays I strut and pout and feel beautiful but there are just as many days when I wanna pull a paper bag right over me and curl up inside it….
  14. I’m a good friend, I’m pretty private and fussy and I don’t take on close friends easily but when I do I give my whole heart to them…..
  15. I am very blunt and honest…I’m a critic at heart, but ultimately I am my own worst critic…
  16. I am slap-bang in love with Kate Moss. She is cool, beautiful and I thank her for making us girls with small tits feel hot….
  17. I love hot summer days when your skin tingles with a sunny touch…but I also love rainy days and thunder storms….I kinda like the extremes…
  18. I haven’t eaten any dead animals since I was 12…thank goodness….
  19. I like to listen to my music really loud, especially when I’m driving…
  20. I am just nutty about cats. Furry faces and purring bellies make my world a much, much better place….

I have a new and more personal blog called Here. Me. Now. which talks about depression, anxiety and recovery from an Eating Disorder. See, I like extremes; one blog about all the pretty and one about all the pain. Ta-dah. Life. xx